Saturday, November 27, 2010

some new pictures

Emery tends to be the subject of most of my pictures lately because right now he is the only one that will stay still long enough :)


  1. I always love to see your pictures...bring back so many memories of the girls as babies!! Thanks for getting back with me about Christie. Hope you had a wonderful holiday---looks like it from the pictures.

  2. Always love pics of the kiddos- CUTE!!! Duct tape works to keep them still....just kidding :)

    Just looked up the Stop the Nakedness- VERY COOL!!

  3. Can I ask what you use on Zek's hair. Our Johnny has very similar (awsome!) hair and I had it under control until the weather got a bit dryer and now I can't keep it from frizzing out. Any suggestions on products and or how often you wash and comb it out would be great. I have great respect for you Momma of four!!