Wednesday, July 22, 2009

summer fun pics

I volunteered at our face painting booth at a local fair for our church and painted Maggies face
Us at IKEA eating ice cream after a long day of shopping. We got the girls matching beds and some other room decor. Hazel loves her big girl bed. She isnt sleeping in it yet. They will be sharing a room before baby is here. I will post pics of their room soon, I just have to make some finishing touches.

Maggie at her 5 year doctor check up. She had to have 4 shots. This is before shots.

Another smiley picture of Maggie at the doctor. Obviously before shots. We went out for ice cream afterwards since she was so "brave"

Maggie and Hazel side walk painting. Hazel likes to run around in a diaper. :)

Watering our tomato plants. This is the first year we have grown them and we currently have 80 green tomatoes on the vines! What to do with them when the are ripe? The girls like watering them. Once again Hazel in her diaper.

Hazel swinging and saying "cheese"

Maggie posing on her swing.

uscis fingerprints

We had our appointment today with USCIS for our I600A (application for advance processing or orphan petition). We were excited to get another step of our adoption out of the way. We basically walked right in they looked through my bag and used the little metal detector. I guess we passed because they let us through! :) We were about 20 minutes early, but got right in. They fingerprinted us really fast and that was it. We were done even before our appointment time had started! These are a few pictures of the two of us on our fingerprinting "date". We called it a date because we had a friend watch the girls for us. Afterwards we went to Family Christian Store and bought a gift for someone and an "i love my husband" shirt (Adam already has an "i love my wife" shirt). We then proceeded to Buy Buy Baby and bought some sheets for the baby's crib. We decided to start buying things here and there. It is so exciting!!! Over the weekend we bought a Bumbo chair and tray for $20 at a garage sale. Yay for us!!

We are continuing to get lots of donations for our fundraising garage sale. Our garage is full. We need to get out there and start pricing and organizing! The sale is a week from Friday and Saturday.

We are continuing to be more anxious, but know that it will all come in God's timing. We are just so excited to see our baby's face for the first time. We have decided on a name, but we want to wait to announce that later...It is weird talking about the baby by name and not knowing who that baby is and what they look like.

Monday, July 13, 2009

official numbers

We are officially number 9 on the boys list, 10 on the siblings, and 32 on the girls. Adam and I talked a lot about it and we decided to remove our names from the girls list. We know that we would more than likely have a boy, but wanted to give someone that was specifically wanting a girl to move down a little on the list. We have two daughters now and a son will be wonderful! We still are on the siblings list in the case of twins. We moved down 5 spots in 2 weeks and I think that is pretty amazing! We are so excited and cannot wait to bring home our new baby! We feel so blessed and are so happy that we are following God on this journey to our baby.
While on the phone with Kiersten I asked about courts closing and exactly how that works. She explained it all to me, but then added that this morning they were told that the courts have scheduled court into August which may mean that the courts will not close. She said to keep our minds set on courts closing, but that is what they have been told. She said it may also mean the courts only close for a short time. We will see! We are getting so close to our baby!

no official numbers yet

I do hope Kiersten calls today with our official numbers. I am pretty sure I know what they are compared to some of my blog friends numbers. I will wait to post them once they are official! Please call today!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So we have been "waiting" now for only 11 days for our referral, but I really want to know what our new number is! I received an email today that they will be calling this week and to be patient because they have a lot of calls to make. For those of you who don't know our agency makes monthly calls at the beginning of the month and you receive your new number on the list.

I will learn patience throughout this adoption, I just really want to know how much further we have made it down the wait list. I want to see how much closer we are to holding our new little bundle of joy!

I am just so excited! and also still amazed how quickly we were able to get on the waitlist!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

just wondering

i wonder...

-If our baby has been born

-Where our baby is right now

-What our baby is doing right now

-When will we get our referral

-When will we travel to pick up our precious child

-How our child's birth mother is feeling right now

-What does our child look like

-How old will our child be when we get our referral

-How will I feel when we get our referral

-How will I feel when we hold our baby for the first time.

And so many more questions.... My mind is racing. God take over my thoughts.

I have been doing all of this wondering and my mind is constantly going. I just cant wait to hold our precious child.

I also wonder what our number will be on the list when AGCI calls tomorrow. hmmmm...I know I will be looking at the phone to ring all day!

On another note, our prayers for the finances of our adoption are being answered with monetary gifts from family and friends and a nice sized refund from our Escrow on our mortgage and a pretty good drop in our monthly payment for our house!!! YAY!!! God is so amazing!!!! At the end of the month we are doing a fundrasing garage sale for the adoption expenses. Everyone pray that is goes well and if you live near us feel free to bring over any odds and ends that you may want to donate.