Monday, September 27, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Today one year ago...

(picture of Zek the same day that he arrived at Hannah's Hope)

One year ago today a 6 lb., 13 day old beautiful baby boy named Adam was brought from a government orphanage in Addis Ababa Ethiopia to Hannahs Hope, AGCI's orphanage and transitional home. In his short 13 days of life he had 3 different homes. He was with his birthmother his first week of life, the government orphanage his 2nd week of life and his 3rd week would start off in an all new place with all new caregivers. I can't imagine what goes on in a baby's mind when so many changes are happening so fast.

Across the world we were sitting unofficially at #2 just imagining our little guy and when would be the day that we would receive our referral. 12 days later would be our referral call.

Here is a post from one year ago yesterday...i was so ready for that call...little did I know that our baby boy was moving to Hannahs Hope the very next day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Emery's dedication

Zek likes to make sure we know when he is not happy :)

the zoo


Monday, September 20, 2010

lots of Birthdays...

We celebrated Zeks first birthday on Sept 12th. We had a party with family. He wore his traditional Ethiopian outfit we bought him when we traveled to bring him home.

He loved the icing of his cupcake.
He really wanted to grab that pretty candle.
Birthday cupcake
Mommy made him a Baby Einstein caterpillar cake
We celebrated Hazels 3rd birthday on August 30th. We had a party with friends and family and went to a state park and rode ponies. She is in love with horses. Her party theme was My Little Pony.

Maggie riding a pony. (i forgot to turn this pic)

Hazel and her birthday doughnut. It's a big doughnut. We have a tradition of getting doughnuts for our birthday morning.

blowing out her candle.

Her cake.

We celebrated Maggies 6th birthday on June 27th and had a party with friends and family. It was a hula party. We all put our faces on the surfer person and took pictures. We have pictures of all of the guests at the party. I didnt include my picture because I am huge and pregnant. I had Emery 10 days later.
Her huge cupcake cakes.

Blowing out her candle.

So our birthdays start in June with Maggies, then Emery was born this year in July, Hazels is in August, Zeks is September. So our kids birthdays are literally ALL summer. and then....Mommy and Daddys birthdays are in September. My wonderfully awesome husband will be 30 tomorrow!!!! then 7 days later mommy turns 30 (and i am ok with it)

Happy 30th Birthday Adam!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Gotcha Day video

Here is our gotcha day video thanks to my awesome husband! We have had Zek in our arms 9 months as of yesterday!

If you watch this please leave comments :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

ballet, first day of first grade, and labor day

Hazel and Maggie started dance class this past week. Maggie started taking dance last year, but this year was Hazels first year. Maggie did great during her class and really enjoyed it. She is a great dancer. When Hazels class first started she just sat there while the other girls were dancing, but after 5 minutes or so she got up and started joining in. She LOVED it and it was so CUTE! last year she really enjoyed watching Maggie dance and would always wear dance clothes to Maggies class, she is excited now she gets to take her own class. the pic above and the one below are hazel in her class.
Maggie and Hazel posing after Maggies class and before Hazels class started.
Maggie dancing
Maggies first day of first grade. I cannot believe my little girl is a first grader! She goes to school twice a week and we homeschool 3 days a week. The best of both worlds and we LOVE IT!

Labor day
Chick fil a was giving away free chicken sandwiches to each customer. 4 free sandwiches, we are there! it was so crazy busy inside that we pulled out a blanket and sat outside of chick fil a and had a picnic! we may have looked crazy, but we were having fun!

We had a coupon for 20 free tokens from Chuck e cheese (For hazels birthday) so we enjoyed about an hour or so there.

Hey Haz do you think my driving is ok?

We had a picnic that morning with donuts at the park

me and my littlest man

Our stunt girls

mr cool

Our family on the swings and the little bouncy riding thingys

All of the kiddos having fun