Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ethiopian dinner for Zeks birthday

For Zeks birthday we went out for Ethiopian. We invited family to come along and enjoy the experience. None of them had tried it before. We got mixed reviews. I think the more you eat it the more you like it. I liked it more this time than I had in the past. We all had a great time. The owners of the restaurant are awesome hosts! They told us as we were finishing our dinner that they wanted to do a coffee ceremony free of charge. How awesome is that! The kids really enjoyed sitting around and watching her make the coffee and eating the popcorn. Everyone really enjoyed the coffee, even those who didnt normally drink coffee. The popcorn goes so well with it.

Maggie got her very own "kid" coffee. It was just a bit of coffee and sugar and lots of milk. She had two cups. She really liked it.

Hazel decided to sit in the basket where the bread was. Thats our Hazel!

Maggie and her coffee

Emery trying to fall asleep

Our fam

These two pics. The one above and the one below are of Zeks first bites of Ethiopian food. He was unsure about it, but ate it. He is just starting to eat most table foods, so he is getting use to it all anyways. We want to eat it often so that he likes it. We cant have an Ethiopian child that doesnt like Ethiopian food :)

Daddy having some food. His shirt say "ok" in Amharic

He liked eating it with a spoon a little more than with the injera.

I think everyone had an awesome experience and the owners really made it special. If you live in Indianapolis or are ever in Indianapolis you need to go to Major Restaurant.

We are having a party for Zek at our house on Sunday (his birthday) so I will post pics of that later.

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