Tuesday, September 29, 2009

calzones, phone calls, minivans and getting older

Is it normal for me to not be able to concentrate at all? All I can think about right now is "The Call". I was making calzones for dinner tonight and I accidentally made pie crust instead of pizza dough! Good thing I realized it before I stuffed them and baked them! Then I made the calzones and forgot to put ham in the cheese mixture! I remembered after they were half cooked so I tried to open them, but I couldn't so I just stuck the ham on top of them! They turned out to be really good. My mind is mush!

I thought I was crazy before we were expecting our call any day! Now I really feel crazy! And people keep on calling and right before I answer the phone I think "I hope its All Gods Children". I get disappointed every time. We don't have caller id, so I wont know if its her until I pick up the phone. The call will be soon. I keep on reminding myself to enjoy this excitement.

God has the perfect day picked out just for our referral. I really wanted it to be on my birthday yesterday, but I was thinking today that the day needs to be it's own special day.

Adam and I went out tonight to look at minivans and found one that we may buy. It will be a fantastic deal with our trade in. We are borrowing it for a few days so we can have it checked out by a mechanic. The girls love it! Getting older yesterday and now buying a minivan really makes me feel old! With 3 kids a Mitsubishi Lancer really isn't gonna work! I tried to figure out how to squeeze 3 car seats in and it just doesn't really work!

Praying for the perfect peace while we are so anxiously waiting and for our minivan shopping...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Every time the phone rang today...

My stomache did a flip.(i hadnt experienced this yet)...

No call yet, maybe next week?!?!? I dont want my stomache to have to do flips for too long!! :)

Our referral will come the day the hour the minute and the second that God intends it too. I just need to keep on remembering that! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We are ready

We are now definitely #2, but I just have this feeling the the mystery family in front of us already received their referral so we may be #1!!!!!! Come on Call!!!!! We are ready to hear about our baby boy!!!!!!!!!!! Still praying for patience :)

Monday would be a nice day for the call. It's my birthday and that would make the perfect birthday gift!

Congrats to the families who just received their referrals yesterday!!! What exciting news!!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Its really hard...

Being the mother of a baby you have never seen and dont even know...

Going a little crazy waiting...

I am ready...

Maybe more posts soon to come...I have lots of new pictures of the girls, just no time to post them! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

unofficial but official to us

A wonderful family received there call today for a baby boy. I have been following them from the beginning of our adoption and I am overjoyed for them. It's nice to be able to follow along with others on this journey!

So this now puts us at #3 on the boys list!!!

We are so so excited!!!! My emotions have been here and there and everywhere!!! I am so anxious for our call, but I know God has His timing. I have to wait on His timing. Can His timing be tomorrow?!?!? I cant wait to hear about our baby boy and see the pictures of this child that we have been praying for and that has been growing in our hearts. God has this child handpicked for us and right now the hardest part is not knowing. Not knowing the situation that he is in right now and not knowing what he is doing. I guess really we just don't know anything! With Maggie I will ask her what she thinks her brother is doing right now. It's fun to imagine what he is doing, sleeping, eating, playing...

ok I am ready...

So now we know who is #1 on the boys list, but we have no clue who is #2...this is going to be hard for me. But maybe it will make for a bigger surprise when we do receive our call!!!

Continue to pray for our family and the finances of this adoption. We have applied for grants and are just waiting to hear back from them.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

New official numbers!!!!

Kiersten (our case manager) called Thursday night and gave us our new official numbers. During the call she went over what to expect when we get our referral call. That means that very very soon we will be receiving our call!!! We cannot wait to see our baby boys face for the first time and cant imagine how that will feel. Soon we will find out!

So on the boys list we are officially ......

We are also #7 on the siblings list. We are getting so close and cant believe how fast everything is happening. We started our adoption a little over 4 months ago and we are already this close!!!! God is amazing!!!!!!

Now that Hazel is in her big girl bed in her big girl room we can really get to working on baby Z's nursery. It will be sad to paint over the pink, but we are excited to decorate for a baby boy! Oh and yes that is the first time I have said on our blog what his name starts with (the name that we are giving him). We will announce it when we have the referral!

Hopefully soon we can post some photos of his nursery finished!

birthday, big girl bed, first days of school...

Last weekend we celebrated Hazels 2nd Birthday! She had a Hello Kitty birthday party and got to go to Build A Bear and build her very own Hello Kitty! It's hard to believe that it has been two years since welcoming our 9 lbs 15 oz new baby girl into our family. She has done so much changing the past two years. Now saying lots of words, showing her likes and dislikes, climbing on everything, seeing how everything works (we call it being curious!), being so lovable, sleeping in her big girl bed, and playing right alongside big sister. She is an amazing little girl with so much energy and imagination. (pictures below)
On Hazels birthday she decided that she wanted to sleep in her big girl bed, so we let her try. On previous attempts it has not worked out! This time it did! and now she has slept in it for 6 nights in a row all night long! We were actually looking into getting another crib for baby brother because we didnt think that we would be able to get her to make the transition! She did it on her own! God you are so good! Now lets work on the potty training thing!
Another big even this past week was Maggie starting Kindergarten. She goes to a school that is 3 days a week home schooling and 2 days a week at school. It is a hybrid school. We are so very excited about it and think it is the best of both worlds! Although it has been very difficult dropping Maggie off the two days this week! She is my baby girl and really hasnt been away from me much! I cried both days. Hopefully next week I will feel a little better about it. Hazel was very upset the first day. She probably wondered why we were leaving Maggie. Maggie LOVES the school. She couldnt wait to go back for her second day! It is nice getting one on one time with Hazel. I had never been anywhere with just the two of us. We got to go to the zoo on Thursday and it was a lot of fun just focusing on her. So we will enjoy that for the next few months until baby brother comes and then we can enjoy time with him too!

Our 9 lb 15 oz newborn Hazel
Happy Birthday to you!
She doesnt like to get her hands dirty!

Loving her kitties
us on her birthday
Build A Bear
Picnic with Olive Garden (tradition now...its what i ate right after giving birth to Hazel so now we get carry out from there on Hazels birthday every year. )
First night in the big girl bed!
Maggies first day of home school

getting ready to go to school for the first time

Maggie and her new teacher
Hazel upset to leave her sister.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

i havent done a post in FOREVER...

i just wanted to say...

We Are Now Unofficially (but officially to us!) #4!!!!!!!!!! YIPEE!!!!!!!!

I haven't done a post in two weeks, sooooo tonight I will be doing a big post....hazels 2nd birthday, Maggie's first days of school (first day of home school and first day of going to school - she goes to a hybrid school) and probably some other random things...but i cant do it until the girlies are in bed :)

more to come tonight...