Sunday, November 4, 2012

Light Gives Heat

 I absolutely love Light Gives Heat and their super cute jewelry!  

I have several pieces from Light Gives Heat, but my all time favorite piece is "Blossom".  Whenever I wear it I am always getting compliments on it. 
It's super cute and can pretty much be worn with anything.  Most of the time I am wearing it with a t-shirt and it totally dresses it up.

What I really love about the company is they are creating jobs for over 120 women in Uganda so that they are able to provide for their family.  It's amazing how something that we take for granted can make such an impact on a lives in Uganda by simply providing a job and creating a sustainable life.  


You can visit their website here and check out all of their great products.

Here's a little more info taken from their website:

Light Gives Heat works to create world-changing opportunities in both Africa and America.  

In Uganda we partner with local Artisans to create consistent incomes where there once was none. Through our Brands SUUBI and EPOH, our In-Country Staff create long-term partnerships with Artisans to create beautiful handmade products that will soon grace the shoulders, necks, and wrists of fashion conscious consumers in America and beyond. 
In America LGH is committed to not only offering beautiful products and a way for people to support our Artisans in Africa, but LGH is also committed to creating experiences that call all of us to look outside ourselves, to find Beauty in the Risk , and to pursue big, beautiful, crazy dreams.  

Light Gives Heat: A 501c(3) Non-Profit, based in Grand Junction, CO (with a second location in Jinja, Uganda and surrounding areas).

  • Mission: Empowering Africans through the encouragement of economic sustainability and creative endeavors. Motivating people in the west to "be the change they want to see in the world."
  • Vision: To See Africa rebuilt and renewed from the inside out and to see people in the West living with Hope!

Projects of Light Gives Heat
SUUBI: In America, Suubi is the Brand of Necklaces sold by LGH. In Uganda, the word SUUBI means “hope” and is the name of the group of women that LGH helped form in 2007 with the intent of creating consistent incomes. There are roughly 90 women currently involved with SUUBI on a weekly basis.

EPOH: In America, EPOH is the Brand of tailor-made products sold by LGH. In Uganda, EPOH is the group of Tailors whom LGH works to create consistent incomes for (note: The name EPOH is simply the word ‘Hope’ spelled backwards)

Check them out!!! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Love Is...Ethiopia. New ministry and a new website/blog

Please continue following our family's journey at...

Our ministry is called Love Is Ethiopia.  The vision for the ministry is to create a daycare center for children of single mothers in the slums of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at no cost to them.

The daycare will focus on vulnerable children, age 0-4 years. It will be created to care holistically by physically, spiritually, emotionally, and developmentally caring for these children in the name of and through the example set by Jesus. While their mothers are able to seek out work and find jobs, children will be provided nutritious meals and clothed. The wonderful thing is that these children will be back in their mother's arms at the end of the day. We feel that this will be a way to keep families together and keep children from becoming orphans. Mom is able to have work and move toward self-sustainability, while the children have a safe place to learn and grow.

The dignity of these mothers is currently being diminished as they beg on the streets with their young children in tow or take them to jobs where it is unsafe for a child to be. As a result of this opportunity, we believe the mother's dignity will be restored and her malnourished and withdrawn children will come to life.
To care for the mothers, our ministry will provide spiritually, physical, and emotional support to her as well. We will help seek out jobs, offer job/skill training, provide micro loans or micro grants to kickstart small business to provide for their family.

    • We will be resourcing the families of vulnerable children spiritually, emotionally, educationally, relationally and physically to encourage them in becoming self-sustaining families.
    • We will provide food supplements for each family as well as healthcare to each child and mother.
    • For our followers in the states, we will be offering family sponsorships to help us cover the costs in caring and providing for these families.
    • Partnering with local churches.
    • Providing jobs for Ethiopians at the daycare center.
    • Special assistance for those who are HIV+ or have special medical or nutritional requirements.
    Please click on the to learn more about this exciting ministry that God has so clearly called us to.  
    Love Is...Ethiopia