Thursday, January 27, 2011

My cute kiddos and Emery's eating rice cereal!!

Emery is doing this new thing now where he looks like he is doing push ups. He gets on his hands and toes. It's too cute!!! He will be crawling really really soon. Where did my little tiny baby go? He's only 6 months old!!!!

We started feeding Emery rice cereal last week. The first night he did really well. Now we are just working on it :)

Mr. Zekie

Sisterly LOVE

Bottom Blessings

If there are any traveling families going to Ethiopia soon who would like to take some cloth diapers over please let me know.
I just made a facebook page
"like" us on Facebook !!!!!!!!!!

Bottom Blessings - another donation

Thank you Clean Green Nappy for the awesome prefold donation!!!!!!

Bottom Blessings - donation pictures

Here are the diaper donations that have come in so far....

(sorry this is sideways :) )

I couldnt leave out this pictures either. I already posted it, but for those who hadnt seen it....its 1400 pocket diapers!!!

People have asked how many diaper we have gotten...with everything over 2000...isnt that awesome?!?! that includes prefolds, pockets, and covers/wraps

Some donations have come from business addresses so I am unsure of who they came from so I just want to say
THANKS so ALL who have donated!!!!!!!!

You guys seriously ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

and the people who have donated monetarily and bought kits...

You guys seriously ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember you can still me at
prefolds, covers/wraps, doublers, inserts, snappis/pins, pocket diapers, and all in ones. They can be new or used. Also on the right of our blog you can click to donate to Bottom Blessings. Donate any amount or buy a kit!!!
Help us provide diapers to as many babies as possible in Ethiopia!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

bottom blessings- all about cloth

I had no clue until a day ago that Autumn from was even doing this. She is selling her used diapers and all of the proceeds goes to buy kits from us for Ethiopia!!!!

Isnt that awesome????

I LOVE how everyone is coming together on this project!!!!!!

Thanks so much Autumn!!!!

bottom blessings- a few links

A few people have emailed and asked if they could purchase diapers and mail them to me. YES!!! That would be great!!! Here are a few links that you can click on for some stores that I recommend. (these econobum covers are great and this is a really good price- you can also buy econobum prefolds on here as well)

go here for prefolds. they have good prices and really good prefolds...

Also I get alot of our personal cloth diapering goods from Kelly's Closet. If you click on the link on the side of my blog we will get 5% from each purchase made. That means 5% of each persons purchase from clicking on the Kelly's Closet button will go back into buying more diapers for Ethiopia. Kelly's Closet also has codes for free diapers with purchase and also free shipping with purchases $49 or more. Google search for Kelly's closet coupon codes. (the button is on the right side of my blog.)

If you have any questions about these just send me an email.

You can always find your own stores to purchase from as well. These are just a few that I recommend.

I wanted to also thanks the companies who have so graciously donated!!

Thirsties - I absolutely love Thirsties covers / wraps. These are our favorites for our boys! They donated 50 covers!!!!

Best Bottoms/Nickys diapers - donated 1400 Haute pocket diapers!!! - Best Bottoms covers are great - we recently purchased one and love it!!!

Fuzzinbunz- donated about 300 pocket diapers!!!! - I have one Fuzzinbunz pocket diaper and LOVE IT!!!

Clean Green Nappy - donated 200 prefolds!!!!!!!

Snappi - donated 100 Snappis!!!! - we love these things!!!!!

Thanks so much to these companies who have donated so far!!!!

I will be posting pictures later today/tonight of all of the diapers that we have gotten. :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We have been getting shipments of diapers everyday!!! It's like Christmas getting a package and opening it to see what kind of diapers are inside!!!

Thanks to every single person who has sent diapers and made monetary donations!!!
It's awesome to see everyone coming together and helping out with the cause.

I have taken pictures of all of the donations as we get them, but I am going to go to bed! I will do a post tomorrow night and post the pictures I have then. This mommy is super tired. I already fell asleep rocking Emery earlier, so I am ready to hit the bed. :)

More tomorrow about the diapers, but I just wanted to thank you all who have been helping out. It's awesome!!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bottom Blessings - space bags

We could really get use out of any donations of space bags. click here to see what they are. These will allow us to get the most out of the space we have for Adam to take donations to Ethiopia. He will be taking all of the donations in Rubbermaid tubs, but these space bags would allow for us to pack a lot more.

We will be meeting up with this family soon to pass off some of our pocket diapers and get some prefolds from them. They got an awesome donations of prefolds from a local diaper service. I had contacted this diaper service and they said that they had already donated to someone who is taking them to Ethiopia! I thought that was pretty awesome. Then we got in contact and we will be making a little exchange of diapers and prefolds :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bottom Blessings - recieving blankets as pocket diaper inserts

A really great idea...

Recieving blankets as inserts for our pocket diapers.

  • Do you have any baby blankets that you no longer use? - flannel ones - like the typical recieving blanket ones like Gerber makes. We can use those as inserts!

Let me know at if you have any you want to send!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bottom Blessings - Lots of diapers today!!!

(don't you love our logo? - thanks to my awesome hubby!!!)

Maggie with our diaper shipment before we opened it

Emery chillin' in the diapers in his cloth diaper.
Aren't cloth diapers just too cute?

The diapers after Adam and I sorted through them

Our big pile of diapers!!!!! Isnt that amazing?
I am still in awe!!!!! Just imagine how many
baby bottoms are going to be blessed by these.

Today we got our shipment of 1400 Haute pocket diaper shells!!!! Can I just say, Wow this is A LOT of diapers!!!! The kids and I dumped all of the boxes out onto our floor and made a mountain of cloth diapers!!! Maggie was diving off of the arm of our couch into the pile. Too fun! Let me tell you ...Actually looking at 1400 pocket diaper shells is a lot more then what I thought it was.

Update on donations:

I have had a several emails about people either donating monetarily or shipping me some items! And I have one lady making diapers for us out of t-shirts!!!!! How cool is that? Thanks so much to you guys!!!

Lets get some inserts for these 1400 diapers!!!!!

I have been contacting diaper services all over the US and some have gotten back with me. I have 3 that are donating some prefolds to us!!!! YIPPPPEEEEE

One of the cloth diapering companies is soooo awesome. The owner has a facebook page and for each time someone hits "like" on her page until February 1st she will donate 1 prefold for our project!!!!! So please swing on over to her facebook page and "like" her!!!!! it is...

or you could search on facebook for Clean Green Nappy. Don't you just love the name? too cute! Lets get lots of diapers!!!!!

I also got an email from Fuzzibunz and they are making a donation as well. Not sure exactly what yet, but I know that they are shipping it out soon :)

A little info...

I just wanted to make it clear if you donate monetarily what it will go towards.

(I have a company who sells Kawaii diaper covers. They are selling these to me for 2.50 a piece!!!! That is a deal!!!!! )

So if you donate $20 it will buy a kit that will be enough to diaper one baby.

The kit will include:

• 2 covers (2 because of the great deal I am getting!)

• 5 prefolds

• 1 snappi

• 1 doubler

(a cover and prefolds is what will work best for an orphanage and it is the most cost effective) unless you get 1400 pocket diapers donated!!!! that is pretty cost effective too :)

I am taking donations for any type of cloth diaper. Anything we can send is great! Remember prefolds, microfiber inserts, and covers are our greatest need!!!!!!

Sarah sent me an email and suggested using microfiber kitchen towels for inserts for the pocket diapers we have. What a fantastic idea!!! She said these are around $1 each. Sounds like a good deal to me! So if any of you out there feel led to help and want to go out and get some of these towels and ship them to me that would be awesome!!! of if you want to donate so I can go out and buy these that would be great too!!! Just click on the donate button on the side of our blog.

And we have a winner...

The winner for our LOVE AFRICA T-shirt giveaway is...

Jenny send me an email and let me know what size shirt
and where to ship it to!!!!!!

(NOTE: we are all out of XL's, we have held out the last small for you if you want it.)

Congrats Jenny!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bottom Blessing- WE NEED DIAPERS

God is doing amazing things with this cloth diapering project. A month ago when I was thinking up all of this I never would have imagined it to become what it has and for all of the details to work themselves out! I told Adam before I started that I wanted to get enough diapers to give to 25 babies! I am getting enough diapers to diaper hundreds of babies!!!!! We still NEED your help!!!

There is this blog that I follow from time to time. She and her husband are in Ethiopia right now for their first visit. They were at Hannah's Hope (AGCI's transition home)...This is what she wrote in her post...
"Hannah's Hope needs cloth diapers!!! They are literally rinsing out disposable diapers and hanging them out to dry! Today Addison had one such diaper on. It only had one tab remaining. They had placed a cloth diaper ( the decorative kind like we use as burp cloths) inside of the reused diaper. Of course we had brought them all of those donations, but guess they know that they have to ration them out with over 30 babies in diapers"

WOW! I had no idea that diapers were even in such great need at our agencies transition home! This is where a lot of these diapers that I am getting donated are now going to go!

Think about this...If your child is at Hannah's Hope, is going to be at Hannah's hope, or even if your child is at another orphanage/transition home can you just close your eyes right now and imagine your child in this situation...

I told my husband tonight that if we were there to get Zek and this was the situation I would take him and stay in Ethiopia until the embassy appointment. There is no way that I would want to leave my child where there weren't any clean diapers! The special mothers there are doing the best they can with what they've got, I know. The special mothers are awesome individuals and really take loving care of these babies. The diaper situation just makes me sad.

God placed this diaper ministry on my heart and he is finding donations for me and finding me lots of places to send them!

When I heard I was getting 1400 pocket diaper shells donated amongst all of the other donations that are coming in I had no clue where all of them were going to go. Then Kristi posted about her agency being in need of diapers and now I hear news of Hannah's Hope being in such great need. And the many orphanages Adam will be helping at during his mission trip that are in such great need and the government orphanage that Zek was at before going to Hannah's Hope. We are going to get lots of babies lots of diapers!!!!!

I still have to have your help! I need prefold diapers, flat diapers, or microfiber inserts for these pocket diapers! Please let me know if you have any of these to donate. Even if its a small amount! Anything helps. If you don't have any diapers but want to donate for us to buy some please click donate on my sidebar of my blog. Remember anything helps! WE NEED to get these diapers to these babies in Ethiopia!!!!! If you have covers/wraps we need those too!!!!!

This ministry is going to be ongoing so remember whatever cannot be sent over at this moment will get sent over. There are always lots of families traveling and people going on mission trips so we will always find way to take babies some diapers!

email me if you have any questions or need an address to ship to -

Lets bless some bottoms!

Bottom Blessings

changing the world one bottom at a time

Love Africa T-shirt Giveaway

Remember to enter to win your LOVE AFRICA mission trip T-shirt!!!!!!!!

click here to read how to enter...

Giveaway ends tonight!!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bottom Blessings- Cloth diapers for Ethiopian Orphanages

Sometimes I have these ideas and dont run with them because I sit and think that little old me cant make a difference. Well I had this little old idea and BAM!!!! Great things are happening!!!! Totally God things!!! This past year I haven't felt many "God things" It's been a rough year where I feel like I was fist to fist with God. I feel like I am getting closer to God lately and giving him my life to take control of rather than me taking the control.

So this cloth diapering things is just really really coming together.

read my last post on the project here

So I started contacting every company I could think of to do this cloth diaper thing I have dreamed up.

I had a company contact me back and said that they had pocket diaper shells that they could donate. I told her we would take as many as possible. She said we needed to be a not for profit. Ok, so I thought we could ask our church if we could use their not for profit tax id. I prayed so hard that they would say yes. Adam works for the church so he called to ask and before he even got to the point of asking she said "do you need to use our tax id number?" "yes" adam said "that is exactly what I was going to ask" So I contact the lady and she said they have 1400 pocket diapers. Wow! That is a lot of diapers!!! she asked how many I want. I said I would take as many as she wants to send. She emails back a tracking number and said she sent all of them to me!!!!

1400 pocket diaper shells!!!!!!
(thank you Best Bottoms diapers/Nickis diapers!!!)

(this was a $12,000 donation!!!!)

Oh wow God this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Then a little while later Thirsties contacts me. I had already contacted them previously and they had said that they weren't able to donate at this time. I emailed back and asked if we could get anything "at cost". Someone else from the company emailed back and said they liked what I was doing and said to call him. I did. He said he looked at my blog and it was really compelling and he thought I was really organized and was doing a great thing. He said they have so many people emailing and asking for donations but he really liked what "I" was doing. He said that they are donating...

50 Thirsties Duo wraps!!!!
(thank you Thirsties!)

Also as I said before Sarah is donating 15-17 dozens prefolds and put in a bunch of covers/wraps in the package she sent, as well!!!!! thank you Sarah!!!

This all happened yesterday!!!

Then today I was looking at this blog and read that the orphanage that her son was at is in need of cloth diapers!!!! I contacted her and we plan on being in contact soon to get some details figured out about the diapers!!!

oh and I totally forgot...

we also had...

100 Snappis donated!!!! (thanks Snappi Baby!!!)

this is a snappi

So this is where you readers out there come in play!!!! I NEED to get microfiber inserts for these 1400 pocket diaper shells!!!! The lady said that they will not come with the inserts. and that is ok. I know that God provided these diapers so He will provide the inserts. We could use prefold diapers for these diapers as well. They would fold the diaper into thirds and stuff it in the pocket. I have started contacting companies for donations.

Here is what you can do...

  • Where it says donate for Bottom Blessings on the right. click there to donate where it says Bottom Blessings Donations.
  • do you have an inserts you can donate?
  • do you know anyone who has inserts to donate?
  • can you sew inserts? I am trying to find patterns...try to google it.
  • you can donate prefolds too. we can use these to stuff the diaper as well. they can be used ones. even if they are stained.
  • we are also taking any donations of wraps or covers. I have a company that has covers for around $5 a piece!!! this is a great deal!!! these are Kawaii diapers.
  • you can donate $20 to provide a diapering kit for an orphan. there is a button on the side of this blog to donate. just click where it says buy a diapering kit. this kit includes a cover, 5 or more prefolds, a snappi, and a doubler.
So some of you may be wondering what a pocket diaper is...the insert is the piece hanging out of the diaper to the left. I pulled it out so you could see how it goes in.

This is a wrap/cover

This is a prefold

I have felt all along that my little blog isn't going to be big enough and attract enough attention to get any diapers for these babies. I need to think more positively Huh? I need to be more positive about it and realize that God is going to work out the details. We are going to get lots and lots of diapers to put on these babies bottoms. I just know it!!! God is fine tuning the details.

I really want to make this into a long term project. Ongoing. I want to send as many diapers as possible over to Ethiopia!!!! No more using plastic bags as diapers or not having any diaper at all!!! can you imagine your baby using a plastic bag or not wearing a diaper?

I have named my project:

Bottom Blessings
changing the world one bottom at a time

This project really needs YOUR help!!! I know that there are so many mamas out there that have a heart for cloth diapering, a heart for orphans, a heart for children, a heart for Africa. Please let me know how you can help.

I am so excited to see all of Gods plan in this Ministry!!!! So happy that God has placed this on my heart!!!!

So happy that we are going to cloth diaper so many babies bottoms!!!!! Their little behinds will thank you!!!

Let me know how you would like to help out!!!

update 1-16 - Kawaii diapers is giving us an at cost price for diaper covers (as shown above- the pink one)!!!! and she is donating 20 diapers!!!! yay...keep em coming!!!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Love Africa T-shirt Giveaway

Remember our T-shirt giveaway!!!!

click on the link to see the post and enter to win an awesome Love Africa shirt!!!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

cloth diapers for orphanges in Ethiopia

While in Ethiopia in December of '09 to bring Zek home we visited the government orphanage that he was at before going to our adoption agencies transition home.While there we noticed that the babies there were wearing plastic bags as diapers. Yes plastic bags tied around them. I am not sure what they used as the actual diaper. I am assuming some sort of cloth. I mean really what a great idea that the nannies had and great way to use their resources. The babies were obviously taken care of well, but they obviously didn't have the means to get diapers for these babies.

So fast forward almost a year later November '10 we decided to cloth diaper our boys. This got me to thinking about those babies wearing plastic bags for diapers. Why couldn't we get cloth diapers over to these orphans? They can reuse them over and over again and wouldn't have to rely on continuous donations of disposable diapers. This would be really expensive to get disposables to them over and over again, plus cloth is just better for the environment right? and obviously there are lots of orphanages that dont get any donations of any sort of diaper. (thus using plastic bags or I am sure in some cases no diaper at all!)

Adam is going to Ethiopia in February and visiting orphanages while there. So I thought "why not start this now?" Adam can take over all of the donations that we get to all of the different orphanages that he goes to.

So I started contacting all of the cloth diaper companies I could find. So far 3 have gotten back to me. 2 companies said that they cannot donate at this time (bummer). One company Snappis is donating 100 Snappis!!!!! You ask what are Snappis? These arent your mother or grandmothers diaper pins!! These are awesome little plastic gadgets to get the cloth diaper to stay on. So with them donating 100 of these things I need to get the ball rolling and get some prefolds (traditional cloth diaper) and diaper covers (leak proof covers). I let another adoptive cloth diapering mama know what I was doing and she herself sends diapers over to Ethiopia. She has dozens of prefolds to send to me along with some covers!!! Thank you Sarah!!! I need more prefolds and lots and lots of covers.
Here is a snappi

So now I am waiting on companies to get back with me. Pray that I hear some good news from some of them and pray that we can get diapers to as many babies as possible.

So we NEED your help!

What can you do?
  • Do you cloth diaper yourself? If so do you have any prefolds, diaper covers, doublers, or all in one diapers or pocket diapers? we would prefer prefolds and covers, but we will take what we can get! all in ones and pocket diapers would be nice for the baby to wear when the nannies are washing the covers and prefolds.
  • Do you know someone that cloth diapers? Let them know about my project! See if they have anything they can donate. (items can be used-even if they are stained its ok)
  • You can buy a kit for an orphan. click on the button on the sidebar of our blog to donate $20 to cloth diaper 1 orphan. this kit will include 1 cover, 5 or more prefolds, a snappi, and a doubler. (a doubler is to use at bedtime so they dont soak through)
  • You could put together your own kit and send it to us. You would need to include a diaper cover, at least 5 prefolds, and a doubler or fleece liner.
  • Repost this on your blog and facebook! Get the word out!!!! We want to take as many diapers as we can to Ethiopia! We also want this to be an ongoing thing!
contact us if you have any questions. email address is

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Love Africa T-shirt Giveaway

Love Africa T-shirt giveaway

We are doing our first ever giveaway!!!! You will win an awesome Love Africa T-shirt designed by my amazing husband, Adam.

You could be the one lucky winner to get a free T-shirt!!!!

We are selling these T's to raise funds for Adam's upcoming mission trip.

Here is what you need to do:

Leave a comment for each thing that you do. You can have up to 4 entries!!!!

  • 1 entry for posting about this giveaway on Facebook -linking people to our blog
  • 1 entry for posting about this giveaway on your blog -linking people to our blog
  • 1 entry if you order a shirt/or Acacia bead necklace (email me to see all of our necklaces $20 plus shipping) (the order for shirt or necklace must be placed during this week - Jan 10 -17th sorry not valid on previous shirt or necklace orders) - you can order a shirt and maybe win one for a loved one :)
  • 1 entry if you become a follower of our blog

This give away will run from today January 10th through January 17th...contest will end at 11:59 EST. We will let you know who the winner is on January 18th!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A few of my favorite things - cloth diapering version

So I remembered that I wrote a post near the end of November that we had been cloth diapering for for 2 or 3 weeks and I said I would post more info soon. Well we have almost hit the 2 month month and oh do we LOVE cloth diapering!!!!

I wanted to give some of my tips, tricks, and a little product info.

First off you DO NOT have to put a ton of money into cloth diapers. I mean that is why we started cloth diapering. Spending so much on diapers you just throw away and have to keep on buying just wasn't working for our budget. I am a stay at home mom and my husband is employed by our church. His job is amazing, but ya know it is a ministry job. We arent rolling in the dough-(but we are rolling in love) :)

So Adam sold a Star Wars collection that was collecting dust, spiders, and who knows what else in our garage. It bought $150 worth of diapering supplies. It wasnt exactly enough for two babies full time cloth diapering, but we made do. I had to a load of wash every day or two.

Since then we have gotten a few more supplies. A few more prefolds -thanks to Adams mom. and another diaper cover. So still less than $200 for two babies.

A fellow adoptive mommy saw that we were cloth diapering and sent us some more diaper covers and prefolds. Thank God!!! I need some more covers!!! They are in the mail right now and I cant wait to get them!!! Thank you Sarah!!!

So What did we start out with... (remember this is for two will need less for 1 baby)

6 Green Mountain diapers prefolds (prefolds are your typical cloth diaper) (we have the red trim and they could be used for smaller babies and larger than our boys- so they will last)

1 Econobum cover with 3 Econobum prefolds (covers go over your prefold) (with covers as long as poopy didnt leak out you can wipe it out and reuse it. We usually use one a day unless poopy gets into it)
1 Thirsties cover (cover over prefold)
1 flip diaper cover with 4 inserts (the flip diaper has pad-like inserts. this diaper works pretty well but with runny breastfed baby poop it leaks into the cover, but not out onto his clothes)
3 bumgenius doublers (great for night time, so we dont have leaks)
pack of 6 fleece liners (fleece help keep moisture off the if they get a rash or if you want to use it when they may be exposed to moisture for a longer period of time)
pack of flushable liners (cutey baby-DO NOT recommend these. it is easier just to rinse the poopy out) - these liners are just too narrow...i am sure there has to be a liner that is bigger out there
1 Diaper sprayer - We didnt have this the first two weeks...this is a life saver...if you are cloth diapering you NEED to get one. This one from Sigma Product is awesome. you can look on ebay and purchase it for around $20. Don't buy the brand name ones because they cost too much and this one works great! -hooks right onto your toilet
2 Snappis (this is to hold your prefold diaper in place in the place of pins) LOVE

10 Kawaii pocket diapers. (these diapers are a one time use then wash diaper. So easy to put on and off. as fast as putting on a disposable diaper. We really like these and they are super duper inexpensive!!!

then we got...
12 more green mountain prefolds
6 other prefolds. (i think bummis)
1 more thirsties cover

I have been looking into getting a wetbag (liner) for the trash can I use for dirty diapers and I couldnt see spending $20 on a liner. I also wanted a few for the diaper bag. These are waterproof bags that you wash with the load of laundry and they are made with PUL fabric. I decided to go to the fabric store with my 40% off coupon and buy some. I made 2 big bags to line the diaper pail and 2 small bags for the diaper bag for $13!!!!!! Yippeeeee.

Really all we need is more diaper covers and we are set...and those will be coming in the mail soon

I have now been doing cloth diaper laundry every 3 days. We have been washing the covers by hand because we dont have enough to wait to wash them with the other diapers. I want to start doing diaper laundry 2 days a week and no washing by hand between. Thats the goal.

All of these things will take us until the boys are potty trained. So I am thinking 2 more years or more!!! Can you just think of all the money that we are saving?!

but wait there...since cloth diapering we had still been using disposable diaper wipes until a week ago...we took the plunge and started using washable wipes. We bought some cheapy baby washcloths from walmart and I also cut up some old recieving blankets and made wipes from those. I fold each square in half and put them in an empty wipe container. I make wipe solution myself. About a cup of water, 2 squirts of baby wash, and a squirt of baby oil. You just take it and pour it onto the wipes. It is so super easy!!!

this is a Kawaii pocket diaper

this is the Kawaii in the inside. It is lined with fleece and has a pocket for the absorbent insert. we put two inserts in for bedtime and never have leaks

This is the Thirsties cover.

A lot of our diapering stash we bought from Kelly's Closet. They always have coupon codes out there for free diapers or free shipping. Just search for Kelly's Closet coupon codes.

We LOVE cloth diapering so much I just wanted to share a little of what I know. I LOVE saving the money that we were literally throwing away.

If you have cloth diapering questions feel free to leave a comment or email me. Our email is at the right hand side of this blog.