Friday, October 30, 2009

He is back at Hannah's Hope!!!!!

We received word today that Zek is out of the hospital and back at our agencies transition home (Hannah's Hope)!!!!!

They said that he was doing well. There is a concern for his eating. They said that he wasn't feeding quit normal. I am a little alarmed by this and asked what that means. Our case manager obviously isn't in Ethiopia so she wasn't sure. I sent her an email to see if she would forward it on to Ethiopia so we can know exactly what is going on with his bottle feedings. They had the president of AGCI take some rice cereal with him when he left yesterday for Ethiopia. Our international pediatrician had recommended they do this, but there is no rice cereal in Ethiopia.

We are so overjoyed that he is back at Hannah's Hope! We are still concerned for him with his bottle feedings. Hopefully this gets better soon.

We received two pictures of him while he was in the hospital. I am really glad that we didn't get these while he was still there. Seeing him with little tubes coming out of his nose and an IV and just not looking well is sad. We did receive one picture of him back at Hannah's Hope. He is so super cute and looks like he is feeling well!

So we are glad that our baby is feeling better.

Please continue to pray for him and for complete healing. Also, pray for all of the other children at Hannah's Hope and that they stay healthy.

13 more days until court! We are so very excited!!!


  1. I am so glad to hear he is back at Hannah's Hope! Hopefully his not eating well us just a part of him still feeling better and nothing more.

    Keep us updated as you get more info!

  2. How wonderful that someone is bringing over cereal for him. We will continue to pray! I am praising God that he is back at Hannah's Hope...

  3. I'm sure the pictures are hard to see, but it is good for you to know at the same time. The rice cereal should help. I'll be praying for a full recovery for Zek and for passage of court the first time for you!

  4. So relieved for you guys. Hope you're able to get a litle more sleep this weekend.

  5. So glad to see your update tonight. What an amazing relief and answer to prayer that he is back at Hannah's Hope. I can't wait to hear about how God completely heals him. :)

  6. glad you got some good news! i'm sure it breaks your heart to not be able to care for your sweet baby boy. i will be praying for your zek!

  7. Almost glad he is feeling better, and continuing prayer for him too :)