Tuesday, October 6, 2009

look at email - check

look at our blog - check

look to make sure I didn't miss "THE CALL" even though the phone is at my side at all times -check


I may be driving myself crazy...


  1. I am going crazy with you! :) I have checked listserv and your blog ALOT :) God is in control! You will see his sweet little face soon!!! :) Can't wait!

  2. I think knowing where you are in line is worse than not knowing! Hope you get your call very soon.

    Lynn Stephenson

  3. This was me until this time 2 weeks ago.
    Obsessively checking email, blogs, facebook, listserv, cell phone non-stop hoping for some kind of clue as to when that call would come.
    Your call will come SOON--I just know it.
    I feel for you! Hang in there!

  4. No KIDDING! Everything is sooooo quiet right now.

  5. You are completely normal. I think we all do that! I am SO excited for you!!!!

  6. it's so hard at the top. i was doing the same thing near then end of our wait and driving myself crazy. of course, THE CALL came when i wasn't doing that. if you can, try to make some fun plans to keep busy. but i know it's hard!