Sunday, October 25, 2009

continue to pray for our Zek

Friday our case manager called us with word that Zek had worsened.

This is what the email said from the representative in Ethiopia to our case manager...

"Adam is very ill . Adam was admitted to the hospital near us. And today, at 8:30am, we received a call from the special mother they are telling us the Dr has written referral for Adam to go to the Black Lion hospital, because they think he needs special kind of surgery by a specialist. Later I called for more info and talked to a nurse since the doctor was too busy to speak with me and was told that Adam has some growth somewhere by, or right on, his air pass area of his throat that has affected his vocal greatly and the condition can block his breathing. We said OK we were ready to go anywhere, but then there was not any oxygen machine that can be released with him to get him to the Black Lion. The hospital has a small oxygen machine but it was not filled with oxygen so they went to fill that up and said it will be coming soon. We waited and waited and waited until 4pm in the evening. Finally at 5pm, Adam was at this Black Lion hospital.

Initially we were told, they will do one of two kinds of surgeries on him: One is called Tarceostpmoy (this is how they spelled it for me not sure), the doctor explain to me to open tiny opening to help him breath and restore his vocal. And the second was to go from his mouth and to try to drain the fluid, but then they called the specialist who does this kind of surgical procedure but he will not come to the hospital to do this because they don’t have the equipment to do this procedure.

So then another doctor comes to do his examination and looks at the x-ray, looks at his breathing sucking level and then concludes that he might not need the procedures anyways, because they are not sure what his issues are. So, they are going to go head just observed him while treating him with two kinds of antibiotics, ceftrixon and hydroten (not sure the spelling) but I know they are antibiotics. So I am at home now. Nurse Mesekrum is with him. I am not sure what is going to happen. "

Our international pediatrician read over this and gave some recommendations as to what she thinks and we emailed a series of questions that hopefully they (in Ethiopia) can answer for us. This info was really confusing to us as well as the pediatrian.

Needless to say we are scared. Scared because we cant be there to make decisions for him and the medical care there is not what it is here. We know that God is in control, though. There are so many people praying for our little guy right now. We feel a peace today that everything will be ok.

Last night when traveling home from visiting my Dad's house I was looking up in the sky and saw the moon. I was thinking about how Zek was asleep under that same exact moon and that we see the same moon living so far away from each other. As I was thinking about this Adam said "do you ever think about how Zek is asleep right now under the same sky and sees the same moon?" It was pretty amazing that God gave us that at the same time. Bringing us peace.

This morning on the way to church we were talking about Zeks condition and how we were feeling and I looked up and saw the bright sun shining and making this awesome rainbow thing in the sky. It hadnt rained, so it wasnt that typical rainbow that you would see after a rain when the sun came out. We felt like it was God saying that it will all be ok.

We also had prayer at church this morning and feel much more peaceful.

In saying this we are still so concerned for our baby boy. It is really frightening and we have been really disturbed. Lots of tears.

Our case manager said that if she got an email from Ethiopia over the weekend that she would forward it on to us. We havent received anything, so I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow when she calls us. I pray that she has wonderful news for us.

Please continue to pray for this baby boy.


  1. We have been praying all weekend. Hope that you hear wonderful news tomorrow.


  2. We're continuing to pray for you here... I hope so much for good news from your case manager tomorrow.

  3. I have tears just reading this but as you know it's ALL in God's hands. We will continue to pray hard you him....will be waiting to hear the good news on....he is a strong boy and will pull through all of this. Love you all:)

    God Bless,
    Karen & Brad

  4. Know that you have lots of people praying for you and Zek here in NC!!!

  5. We are praying for you all!!!

  6. I am so sorry to hear this. I am just catching up. Your family and yoru little Zek are in my fervent prayers. PRaying huge mountains are moved and healing is brought to him. May God give you peace and comfort during this time.

  7. SOOO scary for you all....can't imagine how you must feel, but I can pray. Pray hard for his Healing! Our mighty God loves to hear us plead on behalf of HIS children. We can do that. Praying for the best news ever tomorrow!!!!!

  8. My heart aches for you guys and for him. I hope and pray that you hear good news soon. Hop on a plane if you need to. Theresa