Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pumpkins, nursery, waiting...

Today marks 2 weeks since we were introduced to our baby boy. We have been floating since. We have been preparing things for his arrival since now we know how old he is. We cant stop looking at his pictures. There are only 3 pictures, but they are the most adorable pictures ever! We cant wait to hold our little baby boy for the first time. I cant wait to hear what his little coos sound like, what his cry sounds like, what his skin feels like, what he smells like, and I cant wait to get my hands on that hair! We are longing for you baby Zek. Mommy and Daddy are ready! Hope to hear of a court date soon!

This week we have gotten Zek a moby wrap for mommy and daddy to caring him around in, a bundle me for his car seat, and a bumper for his crib. and grandma bought him his first piggy bank. It's so much fun buying new or new to us baby stuff!

We had a call with our case manager tonight about the next steps. Getting court date, passing court or not passing court, embassy appointment, and everything in between. She said that she thinks we will have court in November. I sure hope so :) She also said we may not get any updates on Adam Jr. until we travel! :( He is going to change so much! We will just pray that we can get him home quickly!

Below are some recent pictures...
The girlies and their pumpkins. Maggie drew a dog (daddy carved it) and Hazels is a cat. (mommy drew and carved hers)
This is Hazel playing in her doll house. She has a picture of baby brother and is making him go down the dollhouse slide. too cute! she loves to play with her little brother already! :) She calls him "tacta" (Africa)
This is Zeks nursery. There are a couple of white shelves that don't have much on them that we hope to pick up a few things in Ethiopia and put on them.
I made the wall hanging of Africa with the heart on it. (new moby wrap sitting on dresser :) )
More of his room. The new piggy bank is by the window. The bumper we got is really cool. It is called Breathable baby. very neat and safe!


  1. So much fun if we could just all get our court dates??!!!! Looks great :)

  2. LOVE HIS ROOM!!!! You did a great job. I hope you hear soon about a court date...

  3. Love his room! And big sister sending him down the slide? Beyond adorable!

  4. the room is so cool! hope the time passes quickly as you wait for a court date!

  5. I'm so happy for you guys. I'm excited to meet little man. I hope everything from here goes smoothly.

  6. I love all the pictures! The room is so awesome and unique! :)

  7. What a cute room! I love how you hung the pictures. Did you make the frames with ribbon or purchase them?