Sunday, November 8, 2009

Passing time as we wait

A few things that we have done this past week...

Adam and I enjoyed the David Crowder concert :)

david crowder

David Crowder

Us at the show

The girls on Halloween...they were both starting to feel icky (they have both been sick since - yuck!)

The girls making our "huge" cupcake

The girls with our paper chain a few days ago. Counting down the days until our court date...It is now much shorter! only 4 days 'til court now!!! yippee

We also had our travel call this past Thursday with our agency. We went over what to expect when we are preparing to travel and also when we do travel!!! so exciting!!!!

This past week we have had lots of not feeling well. Maggie was sick first, then Hazel, and now me. Hopefully it passes by our house soon!
Last week we received word on how much formula Zek was drinking a day. It was only about 12 oz. This amount is not enough! They should be starting to mix cereal in his bottles, so hopefully this will help. The pediatrician is still thinking that he might have the floppy airway which could be why he isn't wanting to take in much formula (we will see). So we are praying that he starts eating better. We are also praying that we can bring him home even sooner than we think. We need to get to the bottom of his eating issues and also all the other things with him being in the hospital. I just want him home so we can figure it all out. It's hard being a mother to a baby so far away. I think especially when he has been so sick. We miss him so much!
We have court on Nov 12th!!! Its only 4 days away !!!
We are praying for Zeks birth mother as I can imagine this will be a hard time for her. Pray that she is able to make it to court and that everything is in place and we pass! We are also praying for peace for her.
Once we pass court Zek with officially be our son!!!!! We will travel a month or so later! Again, hopefully sooner than we think. Our pediatrician wrote a letter to try to expedite things since he has been sick. Although, we don't know if this letter will help things move quicker, but we sure hope so!!!
We love you Zek and we will be there to bring you home soon!!!!


  1. We are praying for your court date and that you all get to feeling better. David Crowder must have been awesome, I am jealous. Lets get these babies home!

  2. Praying for quick fly time for you all!!!! I know it is sooo hard being so far away with so many unknowns! I love David Crowder!!!! Jealous :)

  3. Praying that you pass on the first try! We're still waiting for our court date... Nov. 12 is R's birthday, so I have a feeling you'll hear good news on that special day.