Sunday, February 20, 2011


These are some pictures that Adam has put on Facebook of his trip so far (from his phone) The pictures he has taken with his camera he isnt able to upload them or something. Under each picture I will paste whatever he wrote on facebook. I havent gotten to talk him but once and we have chatted a few times on facebook and gmail. The internet is very chopping and more annoying then anything :) I really wish we could talk more so I can hear about all of the stuff that they are doing. It seems like a pretty amazing experience. I will see if he is able to sign onto blogger to write a little about his time there so far.

It seems like he has been gone for a month already! He left really early Wednesday morning and will be back next Sunday. So we have another week until he gets back, but he has another week of lots of awesome experiences!

Small hut seen along the road on the way to Ambo. (We passed over 100 of these.)

Man with his donkey in a small town between Holeta and Ambo.

Boys from the village.

The drive out to Holeta.

The leap I took to get to the waterfall... About 6 feet across... My heart was racing. :)

More nature along the road returning from Ambo.

Children from an extremely small village we hiked to while at at a nature park.

Man with horse cart in small town between Holeta and Addis Ababa

Sunset on our way to Ambo.

Slaughtered goat for lunch in Holeta. (I have tons more pics from Holeta on my camera but don't have the bandwidth here to upload.)

A lady from the village washing her clothes at the top of the waterfall we climbed to get back to the village

Me and my friend Abraham in Ambo

looking out the balcony of adams room

My carmel frapiccino and lentil sambusas from Kahldi's Coffee.

here are some of his posts on facebook so far...
Done w/ day 1. We arrived. Got settled in. Exchanged currency (16.6 birr to $1!). Got a carmel frapiccino and lentil sambusas @ Kahldi's Coffee (for like $2). Bought a bootleg copy of Tangled for 20 birr (about $1.25). Gave a boy my pair of shoes (he tracked me down as we were leaving and gave me a friendship bracelet, he put it on my wrist through the van window.). Ate dinner. Now bed time. Goodnight everyone! (me this same boy asked me for my shoes when we were there to bring zek home. i didnt give him my shoes and have regretted it. adam "happened" to see him again and he was able to give him his. i cried when adam told me about it. and the boy giving him a bracelet....ahhh....and he remembered Adam...over a year later.) - This same boy has visited Adam at the place where they are staying and brought him another bracelet. Him and his friends are street orphans. breaks my heart...)

Day #2 : just returned from the orphanage where they had more than 30 little ones in diapers! Brought 2 tubs of cloth diapers to donate. They were so gracious and thankful. I showed them how they all worked and they totally got it! The orphanage no longer has to worry about diapers! I will post more on the blog tonight about the whole experience.Also, I forgot to mention that they had just sent 30 of their infants to private orphanages so they could be adopted. So they had close to 60 infants just last week... They were already doubled up in most cribs. I can't imagine what it was like before.

Wow, what an incredible day! The kids in Holeta were amazing... so gracious, so thankful, so happy in life. How inspiring. We played all kinds of games... soccer, football, frisbee, etc... I really wish I could just bring all of the kids home with me. :) We also slaughtered a goat for lunch (which tasted delicious) and capped off the afternoon with a coffee ceremony.
So this is about all I know right now. When I hear more from him I may post more or see if he is able to.


  1. Those are amazing pics w/ a cell phone. Got all teary reading about the boy w/ the shoes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow....can't wait to hear more :) Praying for him and you....

  3. Wow this is crazy! I follow this blog and I am looking at the pics and realize I met you in Africa! Hope your last day was great! We passed court-praise God! So cool that I know who you are now-small world!