Thursday, February 17, 2011

Diapers and other stuff

Below are some more diapers that we have been able to purchase with monetary donations!!!!! Yay!!!!! Thanks, so much, or all who have donated!!!!

Thanks so much to Celee who donated these cute little diapers!!

Here is what a diaper kit looks like...

Here is what lots and lots of diaper kits look like in tubs going to Ethiopia!!!! 582 + prefolds, 171 covers, 82 Snappis, and 30 + fleece liners!!!!!!! These are currently in Ethiopia getting ready to be distributed by my wonderfully awesome husband!!!!! Thanks to those who made it possible to get 2 extra tubs of diapers checked on as luggage!!!!! This is 200 lbs of diapers!!!!!!! He is going to an orphanage tomorrow that has about 60 babies who wear diapers!!!

Here is my biggest girl....who lost her tooth a couple of nights ago!!!! so cute!!!!

Here are my little loves on Valentines day...

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    Praying for your family and Bottom Blessings; How awesome!