Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bottom Blessings - Another fabulous donation!!!!!

Here is another fabulous donation that we got yesterday!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

Today I started putting kits together for Adams trip. I have already put 72 cloth diapering kits together!!!!! woo hoooooo!!!!

I will take some pictures of those so you all can see. I have more covers coming in the mail soon and other donations. I will be ordering some more stuff for kits because of the wonderful people that have donated to make kits!!!!

You can donate to make a kit for an orphan as well. There is a paypal button on the right side of this blog. If you have any questions please email us.

If you would like to donate any used or new cloth diapering goods email us and I will give you the shipping address.


Thanks, again, to everyone that is participating!!!!! not only have I made those 72 kits, but I have also shipped off over 1000 diapers to traveling families!!!!! Isnt that amazing????!!!!!

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  1. Hey Christie,
    In one of your posts, did you mention that you had a cloth diaper company offer their diapers to you at cost? It seems that I read that, but I just skimmed through your old posts and didn't see it. Anyway, my bro-in-law has collected some money and is wanting to make a purchase before their return trip on Feb 12th. Please let me know if you have a company who was willing to work with you in this way.

  2. hi holly. luv your baby who sells kawaii diapers sold me diaper covers for 2.50 a piece. some other companies had me pay shipping costs and they donated the rest. and then there were some companies that were going to sell me the diapers but ended up just donating. I have a few companies that I just contacted last night about getting things at wholesale costs. here is a link to cotton babies where you can purchase covers and prefolds at good prices. http://www.cottonbabies.com/index.php?cPath=51
    I am actually ordering from them as these are awesome prices.

  3. That is AWESOME!! I have been inspired by all of you awesome bloggers to start collecting cloth diapers, as well.. and I was recently given a great donation that really inspired me to do MORE! I would love to chat with you more about what to DO with them all, though.. please e-mail me if you get a chance :O).

    (from a new reader/blogger!)