Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bottom Blessings - Need donations for extra luggage fees for diapers

With the cost of extra checked luggage we are only being able to pack one extra tub of diapering kits for Adam to take to Ethiopia. So we have 3 tubs filled up. Each tub contains 20 diaper kits. each kit has 2 covers, 6 prefolds, 1 snappi, and a doubler.

We would LOVE to be able to pack up a 4th tub!!!!!

But we will need your help!!!

It's $150 for extra baggage fees. We really want to get as many diapers over to Ethiopia as possible. Adam will be visiting some very large orphanages and I am just afraid that we wont be able to provide enough. Please help us to raise this money so we can pack up some more. We have the diapers to pack up we just need the funds to take them over.

If you feel led to give to be able to bring these diapers over then you can donate to the right where there is a paypal button. In the message box when you do the paypal just let us know that it is to help with the extra luggage fee.

I continue to get diaper donations and we have been able to place orders for more diapers through monetary donations.

Thank you so very much to everyone that has helped bless this project!!!!!!!

if you have questions email us at

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  1. Hello! Are you packing them in space bags before you pack them in the tubs? Just wondering, because if not, that may be a cheap way to get more for your luggage money. : )

    Brandy Wade