Monday, April 11, 2011

Sorry about being MIA

So we have been a little MIA lately. Sorry about that!

Adam does plan on posting all about his trip coming up soon. Since he got back he has been a little overwhelmed with work and stuff.

But I wanted to do a little update on Bottom Blessings. I still occassionally have people send diapers or donate monetarily through paypal. Thank you to everyone who is still helping out! We do have a ton of diapers in need of going to Ethiopia or any orphanage anywhere for that matter. So if you are traveling anywhere where you know there is an orphanage in need of cloth diapers please let me know. I can ship those to you for you to take. Just email us at

I have a lovely women named Rachel, who has a ministry with young people and previously had a cloth diaper business. She made and sold cloth diaper covers. She stopped her business a year ago so she could focus on her ministry. (in a recent email she said "All glory to God. I am just in awe of how He's worked this all out - I gave up the business a year ago so I could focus on the ministry, and it's as if He's given it back, but with a purpose this time. All the fun, none of the stress lol."

Little did she know that God was going to use her cloth diapering business and her ministry together! She previously sent me a bunch of covers and diaper wipes she had left from her business. They are now being used by orphanages in Ethiopia.

Rachel and a group of young people have been busy sewing diaper covers for Ethiopia! She emailed some pictures to me of one of her sewing nights.

When Adam visited Ethiopia in February he said that at least one of the orphanages that he went to were only able to change the babies diapers once a day! Now they have tons of cloth diapers to keep those babies bottoms nice and dry!

Here are pictures of Rachels Ministries sewing night...

I am in awe of how God worked this all out for her ministry and for Bottom Blessings :)

Thanks so much to Rachel and her team of volunteers!!!!!

Here soon Adam will do a post on his Ethiopia mission trip. He has awesome stories and pictures.

Also very soon we will be announcing some big news for our family!!!! Sorry to keep you in suspense, but we will have to keep you waiting for another week or two and then we can make the announcement :) Just keep our family in your prayers as we have a lot brewing right now.


  1. Very exciting!!! Can't wait to hear more about the trip!

    And you upcoming news..... :)

  2. WOW! Such amazing God stuff going on in your life! And it sounds like more is on the way! Can't wait to hear your exciting news! ;) Keep up the awesome work with your incredible ministry! And THANK YOU for such an encouraging message on my blog! I needed the reminder that God's timing is perfect!......even when it feels like it is late! ;) Blessings ~