Thursday, January 13, 2011

cloth diapers for orphanges in Ethiopia

While in Ethiopia in December of '09 to bring Zek home we visited the government orphanage that he was at before going to our adoption agencies transition home.While there we noticed that the babies there were wearing plastic bags as diapers. Yes plastic bags tied around them. I am not sure what they used as the actual diaper. I am assuming some sort of cloth. I mean really what a great idea that the nannies had and great way to use their resources. The babies were obviously taken care of well, but they obviously didn't have the means to get diapers for these babies.

So fast forward almost a year later November '10 we decided to cloth diaper our boys. This got me to thinking about those babies wearing plastic bags for diapers. Why couldn't we get cloth diapers over to these orphans? They can reuse them over and over again and wouldn't have to rely on continuous donations of disposable diapers. This would be really expensive to get disposables to them over and over again, plus cloth is just better for the environment right? and obviously there are lots of orphanages that dont get any donations of any sort of diaper. (thus using plastic bags or I am sure in some cases no diaper at all!)

Adam is going to Ethiopia in February and visiting orphanages while there. So I thought "why not start this now?" Adam can take over all of the donations that we get to all of the different orphanages that he goes to.

So I started contacting all of the cloth diaper companies I could find. So far 3 have gotten back to me. 2 companies said that they cannot donate at this time (bummer). One company Snappis is donating 100 Snappis!!!!! You ask what are Snappis? These arent your mother or grandmothers diaper pins!! These are awesome little plastic gadgets to get the cloth diaper to stay on. So with them donating 100 of these things I need to get the ball rolling and get some prefolds (traditional cloth diaper) and diaper covers (leak proof covers). I let another adoptive cloth diapering mama know what I was doing and she herself sends diapers over to Ethiopia. She has dozens of prefolds to send to me along with some covers!!! Thank you Sarah!!! I need more prefolds and lots and lots of covers.
Here is a snappi

So now I am waiting on companies to get back with me. Pray that I hear some good news from some of them and pray that we can get diapers to as many babies as possible.

So we NEED your help!

What can you do?
  • Do you cloth diaper yourself? If so do you have any prefolds, diaper covers, doublers, or all in one diapers or pocket diapers? we would prefer prefolds and covers, but we will take what we can get! all in ones and pocket diapers would be nice for the baby to wear when the nannies are washing the covers and prefolds.
  • Do you know someone that cloth diapers? Let them know about my project! See if they have anything they can donate. (items can be used-even if they are stained its ok)
  • You can buy a kit for an orphan. click on the button on the sidebar of our blog to donate $20 to cloth diaper 1 orphan. this kit will include 1 cover, 5 or more prefolds, a snappi, and a doubler. (a doubler is to use at bedtime so they dont soak through)
  • You could put together your own kit and send it to us. You would need to include a diaper cover, at least 5 prefolds, and a doubler or fleece liner.
  • Repost this on your blog and facebook! Get the word out!!!! We want to take as many diapers as we can to Ethiopia! We also want this to be an ongoing thing!
contact us if you have any questions. email address is

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