Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bottom Blessings - donation pictures

Here are the diaper donations that have come in so far....

(sorry this is sideways :) )

I couldnt leave out this pictures either. I already posted it, but for those who hadnt seen it....its 1400 pocket diapers!!!

People have asked how many diaper we have gotten...with everything over 2000...isnt that awesome?!?! that includes prefolds, pockets, and covers/wraps

Some donations have come from business addresses so I am unsure of who they came from so I just want to say
THANKS so ALL who have donated!!!!!!!!

You guys seriously ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

and the people who have donated monetarily and bought kits...

You guys seriously ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember you can still me at
prefolds, covers/wraps, doublers, inserts, snappis/pins, pocket diapers, and all in ones. They can be new or used. Also on the right of our blog you can click to donate to Bottom Blessings. Donate any amount or buy a kit!!!
Help us provide diapers to as many babies as possible in Ethiopia!!!!!!



  2. Now I just need to go to Target and buy a space heater so I can organize everything in our garage. :)

  3. I got your invite on facebook and had to come see what this was all about. BLOWN AWAY!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing you have an idea and run full speed with it. Amazing the response you've gotten. Incredible. Love your fundraiser t-shirt too. We would totally buy a few if you got more.....