Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bottom Blessings- Cloth diapers for Ethiopian Orphanages

Sometimes I have these ideas and dont run with them because I sit and think that little old me cant make a difference. Well I had this little old idea and BAM!!!! Great things are happening!!!! Totally God things!!! This past year I haven't felt many "God things" It's been a rough year where I feel like I was fist to fist with God. I feel like I am getting closer to God lately and giving him my life to take control of rather than me taking the control.

So this cloth diapering things is just really really coming together.

read my last post on the project here

So I started contacting every company I could think of to do this cloth diaper thing I have dreamed up.

I had a company contact me back and said that they had pocket diaper shells that they could donate. I told her we would take as many as possible. She said we needed to be a not for profit. Ok, so I thought we could ask our church if we could use their not for profit tax id. I prayed so hard that they would say yes. Adam works for the church so he called to ask and before he even got to the point of asking she said "do you need to use our tax id number?" "yes" adam said "that is exactly what I was going to ask" So I contact the lady and she said they have 1400 pocket diapers. Wow! That is a lot of diapers!!! she asked how many I want. I said I would take as many as she wants to send. She emails back a tracking number and said she sent all of them to me!!!!

1400 pocket diaper shells!!!!!!
(thank you Best Bottoms diapers/Nickis diapers!!!)

(this was a $12,000 donation!!!!)

Oh wow God this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Then a little while later Thirsties contacts me. I had already contacted them previously and they had said that they weren't able to donate at this time. I emailed back and asked if we could get anything "at cost". Someone else from the company emailed back and said they liked what I was doing and said to call him. I did. He said he looked at my blog and it was really compelling and he thought I was really organized and was doing a great thing. He said they have so many people emailing and asking for donations but he really liked what "I" was doing. He said that they are donating...

50 Thirsties Duo wraps!!!!
(thank you Thirsties!)

Also as I said before Sarah is donating 15-17 dozens prefolds and put in a bunch of covers/wraps in the package she sent, as well!!!!! thank you Sarah!!!

This all happened yesterday!!!

Then today I was looking at this blog and read that the orphanage that her son was at is in need of cloth diapers!!!! I contacted her and we plan on being in contact soon to get some details figured out about the diapers!!!

oh and I totally forgot...

we also had...

100 Snappis donated!!!! (thanks Snappi Baby!!!)

this is a snappi

So this is where you readers out there come in play!!!! I NEED to get microfiber inserts for these 1400 pocket diaper shells!!!! The lady said that they will not come with the inserts. and that is ok. I know that God provided these diapers so He will provide the inserts. We could use prefold diapers for these diapers as well. They would fold the diaper into thirds and stuff it in the pocket. I have started contacting companies for donations.

Here is what you can do...

  • Where it says donate for Bottom Blessings on the right. click there to donate where it says Bottom Blessings Donations.
  • do you have an inserts you can donate?
  • do you know anyone who has inserts to donate?
  • can you sew inserts? I am trying to find patterns...try to google it.
  • you can donate prefolds too. we can use these to stuff the diaper as well. they can be used ones. even if they are stained.
  • we are also taking any donations of wraps or covers. I have a company that has covers for around $5 a piece!!! this is a great deal!!! these are Kawaii diapers.
  • you can donate $20 to provide a diapering kit for an orphan. there is a button on the side of this blog to donate. just click where it says buy a diapering kit. this kit includes a cover, 5 or more prefolds, a snappi, and a doubler.
So some of you may be wondering what a pocket diaper is...the insert is the piece hanging out of the diaper to the left. I pulled it out so you could see how it goes in.

This is a wrap/cover

This is a prefold

I have felt all along that my little blog isn't going to be big enough and attract enough attention to get any diapers for these babies. I need to think more positively Huh? I need to be more positive about it and realize that God is going to work out the details. We are going to get lots and lots of diapers to put on these babies bottoms. I just know it!!! God is fine tuning the details.

I really want to make this into a long term project. Ongoing. I want to send as many diapers as possible over to Ethiopia!!!! No more using plastic bags as diapers or not having any diaper at all!!! can you imagine your baby using a plastic bag or not wearing a diaper?

I have named my project:

Bottom Blessings
changing the world one bottom at a time

This project really needs YOUR help!!! I know that there are so many mamas out there that have a heart for cloth diapering, a heart for orphans, a heart for children, a heart for Africa. Please let me know how you can help.

I am so excited to see all of Gods plan in this Ministry!!!! So happy that God has placed this on my heart!!!!

So happy that we are going to cloth diaper so many babies bottoms!!!!! Their little behinds will thank you!!!

Let me know how you would like to help out!!!

update 1-16 - Kawaii diapers is giving us an at cost price for diaper covers (as shown above- the pink one)!!!! and she is donating 20 diapers!!!! yay...keep em coming!!!!!


  1. yayyy, looks so excited for you and all your success with these looks like we're having success in different areas...together we'll be dangerous :) Ok, so I'll be linking to YOU GET READY for the madness :) ha So excited for all you've accomplished...I've had NO success in that area..kj

  2. I think what you are doing is awesome! I am a cloth diapering mom and my niece will be arriving from Hannah's Hope in Ethipia in a couple of months. I'll be busy spreading the word about your effort:)

  3. I'm seriously inspired-thank you.
    I posted a link to your blog from mine, but honestly I get next to zero blog traffic. I'm going to try and collect cloth diapers from my communities freecycle and our family will send you a small donation this month. Also, I just want to say again I'm really inspired that any of us can make a difference and I am praying about how God can use me.
    By the way I found you via Storing up Treasures.

  4. Thanks Dustine! Let me know when you want to send them and I can get you the address :)