Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bottom Blessings - Lots of diapers today!!!

(don't you love our logo? - thanks to my awesome hubby!!!)

Maggie with our diaper shipment before we opened it

Emery chillin' in the diapers in his cloth diaper.
Aren't cloth diapers just too cute?

The diapers after Adam and I sorted through them

Our big pile of diapers!!!!! Isnt that amazing?
I am still in awe!!!!! Just imagine how many
baby bottoms are going to be blessed by these.

Today we got our shipment of 1400 Haute pocket diaper shells!!!! Can I just say, Wow this is A LOT of diapers!!!! The kids and I dumped all of the boxes out onto our floor and made a mountain of cloth diapers!!! Maggie was diving off of the arm of our couch into the pile. Too fun! Let me tell you ...Actually looking at 1400 pocket diaper shells is a lot more then what I thought it was.

Update on donations:

I have had a several emails about people either donating monetarily or shipping me some items! And I have one lady making diapers for us out of t-shirts!!!!! How cool is that? Thanks so much to you guys!!!

Lets get some inserts for these 1400 diapers!!!!!

I have been contacting diaper services all over the US and some have gotten back with me. I have 3 that are donating some prefolds to us!!!! YIPPPPEEEEE

One of the cloth diapering companies is soooo awesome. The owner has a facebook page and for each time someone hits "like" on her page until February 1st she will donate 1 prefold for our project!!!!! So please swing on over to her facebook page and "like" her!!!!! it is... http://www.facebook.com/cleangreennappy

or you could search on facebook for Clean Green Nappy. Don't you just love the name? too cute! Lets get lots of diapers!!!!!

I also got an email from Fuzzibunz and they are making a donation as well. Not sure exactly what yet, but I know that they are shipping it out soon :)

A little info...

I just wanted to make it clear if you donate monetarily what it will go towards.

(I have a company who sells Kawaii diaper covers. They are selling these to me for 2.50 a piece!!!! That is a deal!!!!! )

So if you donate $20 it will buy a kit that will be enough to diaper one baby.

The kit will include:

• 2 covers (2 because of the great deal I am getting!)

• 5 prefolds

• 1 snappi

• 1 doubler

(a cover and prefolds is what will work best for an orphanage and it is the most cost effective) unless you get 1400 pocket diapers donated!!!! that is pretty cost effective too :)

I am taking donations for any type of cloth diaper. Anything we can send is great! Remember prefolds, microfiber inserts, and covers are our greatest need!!!!!!

Sarah sent me an email and suggested using microfiber kitchen towels for inserts for the pocket diapers we have. What a fantastic idea!!! She said these are around $1 each. Sounds like a good deal to me! So if any of you out there feel led to help and want to go out and get some of these towels and ship them to me that would be awesome!!! of if you want to donate so I can go out and buy these that would be great too!!! Just click on the donate button on the side of our blog.


  1. wow....wow..wow..that is a lot of diapers....wow..hilarious...I can't wait to take a pic like that with all the used ones I get :) (hopefully :) way to go momma...so proud of all your hard work :) kristi

  2. LOVE the outpouring of love to cover these babies bottoms! LOVE your logo too! LOVE your heart and willingness to do all of this for all of the kiddos over there! You GO, GIRL!!!!!

  3. That is AMAZING! And so great that you got one-sized ones too! The nice thing with those is you can use those as a COVER, they don't need to stuff the insert into the pocket lining, they can still use those as covers over top of a prefold or fitted diaper for several uses. or stuff them with prefolds.

    Also flannel receiving blankets make WONDERFUL flat diapers and people always have TONS of those lying around! Even non cloth diapering families, so they could still contribute to the cause. Even thick terry cloth towels work well as flats. :)


  5. Your pictures of the piles of diapers are AMAZING. The towel idea is a great one too!

  6. momofthesouth, thanks for all of the great info!!! :)

  7. I have probably 15 barely used microfiber inserts. Are you accepting EEUC or just new?

    Laurenslittlelovies at yahoo dot com

  8. If you are accepting used prefolds, I might have access to some as well. klkellick AT gmail dot com