Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bottom Blessings - space bags

We could really get use out of any donations of space bags. click here to see what they are. These will allow us to get the most out of the space we have for Adam to take donations to Ethiopia. He will be taking all of the donations in Rubbermaid tubs, but these space bags would allow for us to pack a lot more.

We will be meeting up with this family soon to pass off some of our pocket diapers and get some prefolds from them. They got an awesome donations of prefolds from a local diaper service. I had contacted this diaper service and they said that they had already donated to someone who is taking them to Ethiopia! I thought that was pretty awesome. Then we got in contact and we will be making a little exchange of diapers and prefolds :)


  1. I haven't checked your blog for awhile and just happened to hop on it tonight. (I talked to you on the phone in the fall about adoption...we are filling out a preapplication with YWAM right now). I could weep--I am so moved by what you are doing. I was just telling my husband how adoption could link us to people and needs that we don't know about yet, or haven't yet felt in a personal way. Thank you for letting God use you and your family!

  2. Would love a xl shirt...will you be making more? Thanks!

  3. Another suggestion a dear friend of mine provided me when talking about packing for our trips to ET was using those vacuum bags. You know, the devices that suck all the air out of the bags? She said that REALLY helped save them space when they travelled to ET! Just thought I would throw that out to you, in case it is an idea that you could use too!

  4. yep that is what these space bags are. i already got a bunch and started using them to ship out to people who are traveling over :)