Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sooooo excited

So Nan from Adoption support Center called a few minutes ago and our home study is DONE!!!! The background checks came in yesterday and it was approved by AGCI. So me and the girls are headed up to pick it up in a little while!!!!!! I have to make copies this afternoon and then when Adam gets home we are taking our Dossier to the UPS store!!! YIPEE!!!!!!! From what I understand is that AGCI looks over the Dossiers on Fridays and then lets you know if everything is ok. Pray that everything looks good in it!!!

God, you are an amazing God!!! Our application was approved with AGCI on April 27th and we are already this far. I cannot believe it!!!!


  1. This truly is an exciting step. You will be on the wait list very soon!

  2. Have fun CELEBRATING!!!!! Yes, they do go over them on Fridays... yippee! :)