Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's off...

Above are pictures of our journey to send off our Dossier (we are litterally jumping for joy, i know we are silly)...
Tonight after Adam came home we took some photos of our beloved Dossier and took it to the UPS store. It was crazy how hard it was letting it go. I guess this was because there was so much time put into it and we were putting into some elses hands to deliver it for us.

This first part of our journey has been incredible!!! We really got everything done so quickly!

So our Dossier is off and will be in Portland by Thursday afternoon. We didn't feel we needed to overnight it since they won't be looking it over until Friday anyways.

Right after we paid for the package the driver came to pick up all of the deliveries for the day, so we got to see the truck drive away with our Dossier in it. The clerk told the driver to take very good care of it. He said that he would.

I am so amazed by the things that God is doing in our lifes and cannot wait for the next stages in it.

We are so excited to be on the waitlist and cannot wait meet our baby that God has chosen just for us!
Continue to pray for us as we continue on this wonderful journey that God has placed before us!


  1. so exciting! you guys are so fun! I can't wait meet the baby!

  2. yeahhh!!!! What a great feeling!!! It's off.... and on its way! I love the jumping... you guys have such major airtime!! (with good reason!) Congrats!!

  3. yay! congratulations!!! love the pictures =)
    can't wait to see ya'll on that waitlist!

  4. These pictures are hilarious! Love it! I totally get that feeling and you deserve to be high fly dancing! Can't wait to see you guys on the Waiting List with the rest of us soon!

    (AGCI list serv....somewhere in the top 5 for a girl)

  5. okay, you are the cutest ever. just found your blog. i don't know how i've missed it before. we are adopting from ET too and hoping to travel SOON. welcome to the list!