Sunday, June 14, 2009

home study rough draft

So we received our rough draft of our home study on June 9th. We were on vacation and just returned last night, so we are just now going over it. We plan on getting it back to our home study agency via email tomorrow. They are waiting on one of our background checks to come back, so we are hoping to get the home study completed and our dossier sent off to agci within the next month. I know it is very optimistic! We have just been moving through this really fast. We are so excited! On vacation we completed our With Eyes Wide Open workbook and will be sending it to AGCI this week.

We had an awesome time on our vacation. It was a much needed one! I told Adam that it felt weird to leave all of our Dossier stuff at home. I felt like it should have came with us! I feel this attachment to it. I guess because I have spent so much of my time on it.

We discussed the adoption a lot this past week while on the beach and we are so anxious and cannot wait to meet this baby that God is going to place in our family.

I will post a few pictures from our vacation later. The girls had an amazing time. Well Maggie did. Hazel wasn't too sure about the whole thing. They are both glad to be back home, though.


  1. Hello. I saw your message on the AGCI listserve. We are waiting to pass court for two year old twin girls. We already have three bio. boys! We live in Avon. On the westside of Indy. It is so great to know another family that is using AGCI. There is another family from Danville. We are having an adoption/play group get together in Avon on June 25th, if you are interested in going. There is a family that is going who is finishing up their dossier for Ethiopia too. Let me know via my blog or email if you are interested. (

  2. GREAT family picture Christie!!!

  3. I am excited that things are going well for you and you have your rough draft. It's exciting to see things progressing! T