Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Letter sent out to family and friends

Dear Family and Friends,

"Once our eyes are opened, we can’t pretend we don’t know. God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act." – Proverbs 24:12

Believing in Proverbs 24:12, we are excited to announce that God has put it on our hearts to add a new child to our family through adoption. I know this may be a huge surprise to some of you, but certainly it is surprising to us more than anything, I assure you! We both have felt a tug at our hearts from God wanting us to adopt from Ethiopia. The discussions actually began back in high school, but now is when we have received confirmation from God that this is His will for our family.

We really felt that adopting would be next to impossible because of the high costs of an international adoption. We also feel that the Lord is leading us to adopt and believe God is bigger than finances, so we are truly relying on faith that God will provide.

Our adoption will cost in the neighborhood of $23,000. I know that sounds like a lot (and it is). We are relying on God $1 at a time. We would be amiss if we didn’t also ask for help from families and friends who may be willing to donate to get us one step closer to Ethiopia – no amount is too small! Our plan is to apply for as many grants as possible and pray that doors will open for the money to come through. We believe that through your support that you are not only helping us bring home our baby, but helping millions of other orphans find homes as well.

A special account has been set up at Chip In for anyone wishing to donate. You can donate athttp://thederloshons.chipin.com/our-ethiopian-journey. If you would like to donate and don’t feel comfortable donating online you can send a check.

Please prayerfully consider helping us bring our baby home. If you are unable to send a monetary gift of any amount, perhaps you can help by donating any gently used clothing, household items, toys, furniture, etc. to our fundraising garage sale being held July 31st & August 1st. Please contact us through email or call to let us know you are interested in donating and/or volunteering your time before, during, and after the sale. Please let us know by July 17th if you are interested. We will be accepting donations between now and July 24th.

If you would like to follow along with us on our journey and learn more about our adoption you can visit our blog at:http://knowingnobounds.blogspot.com.

Most importantly please pray for our family as we embark on this adoption journey to bring home our new family member.Your prayers are greatly appreciated!


Adam, Christie, Maggie and Hazel

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