Monday, May 25, 2009


I haven't posted anything in about 10 days, so I thought maybe I should. Last week I applied for my passport and I took some documents for our home study and dropped them off. We have completed 4 out of our 6 adoption classes. Once we are done with those and get our physicals done on the 1st we are done with our part of getting everything together for the home study. yay!

For our Dossier we have to get back our power of attorney that is being "state certified", our physical and TB test, and our people that are writing our letters of recommendation need to get us those letters and we have everything together for our Dossier. Also the home study has to be completed as well.

I think we are doing REALLY well getting all of our "stuff" together.

We also are getting ready to apply for our I-600A.

We are going to be leaving for vacation in about 11 days, so I plan on finishing up classes and everything before we leave. We also have to complete a 20 chapter workbook for AGCI called With Eyes Wide Open. We will be doing this on vacation when the girls go to bed at night.

So this is what has been going on.

We are so excited to get this process moving along. We think about and talk about our baby everyday!

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