Friday, May 15, 2009

Home study appointment

Today we had our home study appointment in our home. It went really well. We had to answer bunches of family history questions and so on and she had a look around our house. We really had a great time during the appointment and the girls were angels! I am so happy that they were so well behaved. They usually are, but you know kids...

We are getting lots of stuff done that needs to be done for both our home study and dossier. I think we have gotten an excellent start. The biggest problem we have ran into is our doctors office and trying to schedule physicals and tb tests. They have to squeeze us in somewhere and I guess can't figure out where because they keep telling me to call back or if they say they will call back they dont. We will get it figured out.

For our home study all we need is our physicals and pick up our criminal history letters next week. And we have to finish all of our adoption classes online.

For our dossier we only have a few things left as well. I have to figure out when we can apply for our 1600 A. Which is an immigration thing.

So things are going well. I just wish we could pick our baby up next week! I have to be patient!!!


  1. I love your opptimism Christie! Let me know if I can help watch the girls while you run around to get things done!


  2. How exciting! Congratulations on getting things going. My husband and I are in the process as well and are waiting on getting our homestudy finalized so we can send in our dossier. Congratulations on the process and I look forward to watching your journey unfold! Tara

  3. Congrats on your adoption! I came across your blog today and see you are also using AGCI for your adoption. We love them! We are waiting on our homestudy approvals and once we have it will overnight our Dossier. Are you waiting on a little guy or a little girl? We can't wait to follow your journey. Check us out at:

  4. Welcome aboard!! It will be an amazing unforgettable journey!! 6 more days and we're going to court for our little, we're almost outta here :) Congrats on your decision to adopt, Kristi