Wednesday, May 13, 2009

AGCI phone call

Today we had our run through for our dossier with AGCI. Through talking with our case worker it made me feel a lot more comfortable with all of the paperwork we have to do. I am still very overwhelmed right now. She said it was great how much we had already gotten done for our home study because we actually had to get together more stuff for that.

We are going to the city county building on Friday to get fingerprinted and get a criminal history report. I am also going to go pick up copies of our birth certificates.

We signed up for our adoption classes that we do online. We started our With Eyes Wide Open workbook tonight. It has 20 chapters so hopefully we can get it done within the next few weeks. We have 6 online courses that we have to take.

Everyone continue to pray for us as we go through all of the processes. I am really a go getter and want to get things done "right now". I am going to learn some patience throughout our journey!

Oh, how I can't wait to meet our baby.

We turned on the TV the other night and American Idol was on and one of the previous American Idols went to Africa to help out. Maggie saw it and said "that is where our baby is!" she is so precious and she was right. That is where our baby is. It is so real.

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