Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our garage Sale

This weekend we held our adoption fundraising garage sale. It turned out to be amazing! We had about 12 families graciously donate items and our garage and part of our neighbors garage were full of garage sale items! Adam designed all of our sale signs and they looked amazing!!! We had the sale for two days and our grand total was $1050.00!!!!!!!!!! We are so blessed and so amazed that we were able to raise so much. Thank you to all of you who donated items or your time for this. We are surrounded with so many wonderful family and friends!!!
We have also to date raised $2100.00 in monetary donations!!!! Thank you to all who have donated!!!

So we have raised over $3000 so far!!!
Starting this week we are applying for grants. Please pray for us as we do this.

Thanks, again, to all of you who have helped us out so much!!!
I have been day dreaming about our son so much lately. I cant wait to get my arms around him and love on him. Before this adoption I always wondered how I would feel about an adopted child and I already love this child that I don't even know the same as the girls. I am such and impatient person and this is so rough on me. But God wants to teach me patience so I am learning. Oh I cannot wait to meet you our sweet baby boy!


  1. Excellent... that is an amazing garage sale!!!!

  2. That is fantastic!!!! We had 2 yard sales just like that and they were so helpful! We did one last Fall and one this Summer...A LOT of work...haha, as you know. I hope we see some August referrals soon! :)


  3. Christie! That is amazing! Glad it went so well!


  4. Congrats!!!! sounds like you have a great start....praying about the grants. Love all your family pics- cute!!!

  5. Great news! Looking forward to following your journey.