Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My new necklace

(below are pics of our trip to the fair and the Demi Lovato concert)

Maggie watching the show

unsure about the screaming at first

yummy ice cream

milking the cow
Maggie riding the pony

eating yummy ice cream
Hazels first pony ride

So this week has been full of excitement! We went out to the state fair and saw Demi Lovato. Maggie is a big fan. It was her first concert and Hazels too. They both had a good time. It was really hot so Hazel was a bit fussy for a little bit, but Adam took her to get a drink to give her a little break. Maggie was dancing and screaming. At first she was a little freaked out by all of the little girls screaming, but then she started screaming with them. The show was great! Most parents were just sitting there, but I got up and danced around with Maggie. Adam and I like her music too. :) Before the concert we spent a little time doing stuff at the fair. The girls rode ponies. This was Hazels first time and LOVED it! Maggie has been riding the ponies at the state fair every year so we were excited for Hazel to be able to ride this year. We did Little Hands on the Farm and the girls picked fake fruits and veggie and milked a fake cow (i think that was their fav part). The girls had a good time with that. We had the best ice cream ever at the dairy barn. I get so excited to go to the fair to eat the ice cream. Chocolate with peanut butter. yum! We are probably going to go back one more time so we can eat some more ice cream and also look at all of the animals (we didn't have time to).

Also, last night we were cleaning up after dinner and Adam asked where Hazel was and Maggie said that she was in the bathroom. So Adam looked for her and she had gone into the bathroom, shut the door, and sat down on her little potty and went in it! We have been talking about going potty, but haven't actually started potty training yet! I thought that it was pretty amazing that she went in and did it all by herself and she isn't even two yet! She has since gone 2 other times in the potty! YAY for Hazie!!!!! Maggie wasn't the easiest child to potty train, so I have hoped that Hazel would be easier and so far so good!
Also, some news...we are unofficially #7 on the list. (a family got a referral yesterday for a baby boy which makes us go down a number) Yay!


  1. Awesome at #7!!!! So close! I also have that necklace...I wear it every day. It's become my security "blanket" during the adoption. :) Your girls are precious!


  2. Do you mind me asking you where you got your necklace? I love it, and I want one :)

    We are currently working on getting our home study and dossier ready with AGCI!

    You can email me if you would like

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  4. This is where I ordered it from...

  5. I love my Africa necklace, too! I saw you on the listserv and just came over to say "Hi"! We are adopting a little boy, too, and get to go pick him up next week.

  6. You're getting so close! Im so excited for you. I cant imagine what it must be like to be that close to meeting your child. The exctiment adoptive parents share for eachother must be what gets so many people through the long process. Thank you for your encouragment and sharing your news/story. I also love your necklace, I sent the link to my husband and hinted around that I need one.