Wednesday, July 22, 2009

uscis fingerprints

We had our appointment today with USCIS for our I600A (application for advance processing or orphan petition). We were excited to get another step of our adoption out of the way. We basically walked right in they looked through my bag and used the little metal detector. I guess we passed because they let us through! :) We were about 20 minutes early, but got right in. They fingerprinted us really fast and that was it. We were done even before our appointment time had started! These are a few pictures of the two of us on our fingerprinting "date". We called it a date because we had a friend watch the girls for us. Afterwards we went to Family Christian Store and bought a gift for someone and an "i love my husband" shirt (Adam already has an "i love my wife" shirt). We then proceeded to Buy Buy Baby and bought some sheets for the baby's crib. We decided to start buying things here and there. It is so exciting!!! Over the weekend we bought a Bumbo chair and tray for $20 at a garage sale. Yay for us!!

We are continuing to get lots of donations for our fundraising garage sale. Our garage is full. We need to get out there and start pricing and organizing! The sale is a week from Friday and Saturday.

We are continuing to be more anxious, but know that it will all come in God's timing. We are just so excited to see our baby's face for the first time. We have decided on a name, but we want to wait to announce that later...It is weird talking about the baby by name and not knowing who that baby is and what they look like.

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  1. Yay for such a big adoption step! Fingerprinting! :) And Buy Buy it now!