Monday, July 13, 2009

official numbers

We are officially number 9 on the boys list, 10 on the siblings, and 32 on the girls. Adam and I talked a lot about it and we decided to remove our names from the girls list. We know that we would more than likely have a boy, but wanted to give someone that was specifically wanting a girl to move down a little on the list. We have two daughters now and a son will be wonderful! We still are on the siblings list in the case of twins. We moved down 5 spots in 2 weeks and I think that is pretty amazing! We are so excited and cannot wait to bring home our new baby! We feel so blessed and are so happy that we are following God on this journey to our baby.
While on the phone with Kiersten I asked about courts closing and exactly how that works. She explained it all to me, but then added that this morning they were told that the courts have scheduled court into August which may mean that the courts will not close. She said to keep our minds set on courts closing, but that is what they have been told. She said it may also mean the courts only close for a short time. We will see! We are getting so close to our baby!


  1. Awesome! I'm so happy for your family! Isn't it crazy to ponder whether or not our little guys are born? I think about it all of the time!

  2. So great to hear you have moved up so quick; isn't it great? I am so excited to hear that there is a possibility they will not close or only close for a short time! We are waiting to hear if we have a court date, and I am on pins and needles do to the closing!
    Can't wait to see how your journey unfolds!

  3. Number 9 is awesome! I have also heard rumors that the courts may not be closing this year. Hoping that is true for you.

  4. Congrats on your new number! Isn't it crazy how fast the boy list is moving! We still haven't heard but are hoping for some news today...

  5. What a lucky little boy he will be...and a very lucky family who will have him! Congrats on getting closer to that special someone!!!


  6. Congrats on the number! So exciting to see all the movement!

  7. hey! thanks for commenting on my site. It's great to "meet" you. So excited that you are #9 on the list! I know you guys are super excited!! I feel like the list moved really fast this month...praise God!
    you asked about fundraising...well, we sent letters to our friends and family and have just been overwhelmed by the response and support. We feel so blessed to have an army of friends who believe in us and this journey God has called us on. I am sure you guys can totally relate!
    again, it's great to meet you. I've bookmarked your blog so i can follow your journey!


  8. Thanks for the anniversary wishes! We've been married 2 years. =)
    Things have been kind of slow this week huh? Doesn't seem to be much going on referral wise. Hope you're having a good week!!