Sunday, July 5, 2009

just wondering

i wonder...

-If our baby has been born

-Where our baby is right now

-What our baby is doing right now

-When will we get our referral

-When will we travel to pick up our precious child

-How our child's birth mother is feeling right now

-What does our child look like

-How old will our child be when we get our referral

-How will I feel when we get our referral

-How will I feel when we hold our baby for the first time.

And so many more questions.... My mind is racing. God take over my thoughts.

I have been doing all of this wondering and my mind is constantly going. I just cant wait to hold our precious child.

I also wonder what our number will be on the list when AGCI calls tomorrow. hmmmm...I know I will be looking at the phone to ring all day!

On another note, our prayers for the finances of our adoption are being answered with monetary gifts from family and friends and a nice sized refund from our Escrow on our mortgage and a pretty good drop in our monthly payment for our house!!! YAY!!! God is so amazing!!!! At the end of the month we are doing a fundrasing garage sale for the adoption expenses. Everyone pray that is goes well and if you live near us feel free to bring over any odds and ends that you may want to donate.


  1. I wonder too!!! I am driving myself nuts. I can't wait for my phone to ring. I'll post if I hear anything. Hopefully we'll talk soon...with our new numbers!

  2. Just wanted to say I'm right there with you. There are so many things to wonder about right now...