Monday, December 13, 2010

We met our sweet little guy one year ago today...

December 13th, 2009:
Meeting our Zek for the first time

It's so crazy that a year ago we got to take a walk to Hannah's Hope to meet our 3-month old baby boy. (He had just turned 3 months old the day before.)

We had thought and prayed about him for so long and now it was our turn to meet our son. We saw so many families travel before us to bring home their babies and wondered when our turn would be. It is just so crazy now that it has been a whole year since we have had him our arms. He was such a tiny little guy cradled in our arms. Now he is an oh so active toddler running around and jumping off of things. He is quite the little dare devil.

We have come a long way this year. Lots of happenings in our lives that we are so grateful for. So thankful for. Sometimes we felt so overwhelmed with everything that was happening. It's crazy to feel so blessed and so overwhelmed at the same time. I am not saying we are anywhere near having it together because we are so far from it, but we are definitely adjusting well. -most days :)

Zek is adjusting well. He had a rough time having a new baby brother after only 6 months being home, but he loves his baby brother so much. They are going to be so close we can already tell.

Today we celebrated by watching Zeks Gotcha Day video that we had put together before his birthday this year. We made a cake. We went out for Ethiopian for dinner. We ate cake and sang "Happy Gotcha Day to You" and Zek opened his gift. We bought him a book called When God Found Us You. It's an adorable book and I recommend it for any adoptive family.

We all had a great day today! It's been fun looking back and thinking about all that we did today one year ago. Before we met Zek we went out shopping. We got a taxi with 2 other couples. So 1 taxi 3 couples and a driver. If you have been to Ethiopia you know how tiny those taxis are. It was hilarious. Adam and I squished in the front seat and 4 people squished in the back. We tried to get a taxi to take us all back but they told us that it was illegal to put all of us in one car :) On our way back the driver didn't know where our hotel was. Well neither did any of us...We were getting ready to meet our kids in an hour and nobody knew where to go. Finally they found someone that knew where the hotel was. Yay! We got back ate lunch and met with Almaz (the director) We filled out paperwork and all walked to Hannah's Hope. It was awesome taking that walk that we had seen (in pictures) other families take. It was surreal. Meeting our little Adam was surreal.

We love you Zekie and we are so blessed to have you in our lives and are so thankful that God found us you.

Zek reading his book

Daddy blowing out the candle.
Yep, it's pink...that's how we roll (with 2 older sisters)

"Mommy, why are you making me pretend to be eating this food?" - Hazel

"Mommy, I will pretend to eat this
but I want to try their pizza if we move to Ethiopia" - Maggie

Zek enjoyed the food tonight. Previously he wasn't so sure.

Mommy and Emery (he's sticking his tongue out)

Our Ethiopian flag cake that mommy made

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