Friday, December 31, 2010

Its a girl thing update

I feel so blessed to have taken part in "Its a girl thing" that babe of my heart and titushome headed up. My mother-in-law, grandmother-in-law and myself made kits (i think 6 of them) of washable pads and panties to send to Africa. So Andrea from Babe of My heart did a blog post yesterday about how the kits made there way to Zambia. I was scrolling through and saw a picture of a girl and her kit and it was the kit that i sewed!!!! It's so amazing that I can bless a young women in a way that many of us take for granted. click here to read the post and see the pictures.

from andreas blog - "Here’s the DEALIO if this project is news to you. MOST girls and ladies in Africa do not have the money OR access to sanitary items. SO–during their monthly cycles they often just sit at home. These widows NEED to leave their homes to find work to provide for their children–but they can’t!!! And 60% of young girls drop out of school because they have no way to care for themselves during that time and are too embarrassed to go to school. WELL–thanks to women stepping up to the plate ALL OVER AMERICA–these girls and widows now have washable, organic pads. While I know some of you are saying, WHAT???? Is that sanitary. Well…lemme tell you this. THIS IS more sanitary than what they were using–some times making tampons out of old newspaper. They just didn’t know what else to do!!! Many of the girls and women get infections. Not knowing what the infections are, some women are even outcasted by their husbands if they still have them thinking they have been unfaithful. Some even left or worse–abused because of being falsely accused of something they couldn’t help. (I read an EYE opening article about this…it’s just awful!) AND did you know the drop out rate for girls INCREASES to just 8% (did you hear that?!) when they have these?!?!?!"

also from her blog - "We then headed back to Sinia campus where we were greeted by the ladies who attend Wiphan’s Skills Training program. They had been told about the “It’s a Girl Thing Project” and even though they were also told we would not arrive until 1 pm- most of them arrived at 8 am. I asked Elizabeth why they came so early…. she said, “They were just too excited!”. As we talked about them, gave them instructions for use and for cleaning them… they danced and sang and praised God for his provisions. Humbling to say the least… When’s the last time you praised God for your maxi-pad? BUT to these ladies, these gifts are life-changing. They can leave their homes during that time of their cycle- they can work, go to school, and be kept safe from infection. These are the things we take for granted that we truly rarely think about. Toilet paper, tampons:), soap & running water…
Your sister in Christ, April

amazing that they were praising God for these things we take for makes me take a step back and really think about things...and my eyes fill with tears

make sure you head over and read her blog post and look at the pictures :)

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  1. That is SO neat that it was the kit you sewed in the picture!!! I was so excited to get the update from Andrea's sister! :)

    Have a package ready to send out to you, just need to make it to the post office! :)