Tuesday, October 19, 2010

crazy give away

You should check out this give away if you havent yet...buy a shirt and be entered in a drawing for a FREE mission trip to Ethiopia!!!!!!

As of last night Adam is going on this mission trip to Ethiopia...maybe he will win a free trip....who knows. someone will...will it be you!?!?


  • Prize: Mission Trip to Ethiopia, February 17-26, 2011
  • Prize value: $3100
  • Number of winners: 1-2
  • Number of Tee shirts to sell: 183 + 183
  • Ending date of the giveaway: 10/28/10
  • Where it can be won: My Crazy Adoption Blog
  • The prize is from: www.mycrazyadoption.com
  • To enter this giveaway, you can: purchase a tee shirt at My Crazy Adoption Store

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