Thursday, February 11, 2010

This week in pictures

We have come a long way...Hazel didnt want much to do with her new baby brother for a long time. Now she is in love with him. She said "i want to hold zek" when I was holding him while he slept. I had to let her. It was the first time she asked. Maggie loves taking care of Zek. She is his little mom.
We have gotten lots and lots of snow this week. The girls have loved it.
We made valentine cookies and they were very yummy.
Zek loves to suck on his ring finger and middle finger. He does it all of the time. It is kinda like he is signing "I Love You". too cute
Another family pic
Okay so I am looking at Maggies school lessons for the day on our computer and I put Zek down right behind me so he can watch our turtle swim in it's tank. The girls are playing dress up. I look down at Zek after a few minutes and see that the girls have joined Zek in on their dress up time. Sorry Zek but I thought the picture was too funny to not post and your sisters thought it was hilarious. What can you expect with 2 big sisters who love to be girly girls.
Zek looking cute.
Zek is so much fun. I thought I would see if he fit in the girls doll crib. He did barely.
Maggie being crazy before bed.
Hazel in her Ethiopia dress.

It has been a good week this week. We are settling in more and more. Zek has had an awesome week of sleep. Last night he slept all night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippeeeeee!!!!!!!! 8pm - 6:30am and then back to sleep until I had to wake him up at 7:45. Let's make this the norm Zek!!!!


  1. That is some awesome sleep! Love the i love you sign :) Awww... your family is sooo beautiful!

  2. Sleep-- YAY! Good job, Zek!

    And the pic of him with the purse and beads is fantastic!

  3. I just LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the pictures--especially the dress up picture of Zek. LOL.

  4. so glad the sleeping is going better. love all the pix. esp the new header of your family. won't be long before you have to update that one again! :)

  5. Great pictures, thanks for sharing! Hope things continue to improve as you develope your new normal!

  6. Hooray for sleep! Go Zek! Lots of fun pictures. Glad you had a good week.