Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5 Month birthday and 2 months in our arms

So the past 2 months have been crazy. I just noticed the day before yesterday that my little daily devotional thing in my kitchen was on December 18th. That was the day that we got back from Ethiopia with Zek. I guess Adams mom must of changed it that morning and I havent changed it yet. Usually I am on top of these things. I guess now I am not :) It has been 2 months since we have had Zek in our arms. (as of February 13th)

Here are a few pictures from the day that we met Zek. (December 13th)...

That morning some of the other families were going to head out to the market to go shopping for a bit. We decided to go as well. If you have been to Ethiopia, you know the itty bitty little blue taxi's? Well Adam and I and 2 other couples and the driver fit into one. That made 7 people in the tiny car! It was hilarious. Adam and I squeezed in the front seat and the other 4 squeezed in the back. The driver had to actually get out of the car and shut our door for us to make sure we were good and secure. I locked the door so I wouldn't fall out! Our next driver wouldnt let us squeeze into one car. We had to take 2. This is a picture from inside the car. We were trying to take a pic of the rear view mirror showing everyone in the car. On the way back we didnt know the address for the Union Hotel and non of the drivers knew where it was. We didnt have anyone phone numbers to call and ask. One of the drivers said that he could take us. He had to stop and ask some people if they knew. Somebody did. Luckily. We were like "oh no, we gotta get back in an hour to meet our babies!" A little scary, but we made it.

Driving to the market

Adam shopping

Adam showing off his bartering skills

Me giving some suckers away to the kids

This is right before we went in the gates to meet Zek.

Our very first picture with Zek. Happy cry.

Mommy and Daddy's first picture with Zek

Zeks 5 month birthday cookies. They were so good that I told Adam to never ever let me make them again. :)

Zek sleeping while the girls and I make the cookies. Sucking on those two fingers again.

The girls licking the mixers. Yum Yum! We love the cookie dough.
So the past 2 months have been interesting. I can't lie. It has been hard. You know part of it is that I am pregnant so I have those hormones and it's just hard adjusting. The first two weeks home Zek woke up about every 20 minutes during the night. He also cried ALOT. This was horrible. I was so sick from the pregnancy as well. Those first two weeks Adam took care of everything because I couldnt and really didnt feel like it. I admit I have been a little blue.

Things have been getting better. Some days are better than others. Sometimes I feel when Zek looks at me his eyes are saying "where have you been all of my life?" "I love you mommy" Other days I feel like when he is screaming (and I do really mean screaming) and I cant get him comforted he is saying "where is my mommy?" It breaks my heart when he cries like this. The screaming may be because he has acid reflux (lets hope so).

His pediatrician is putting him on acid reflux medication to see if this helps him with his fussiness. We had a swallow study done yesterday where they do an x-ray while he is drinking and he has a slightly floppy airway so our thickening of his formula is helping. So more than likely while in Ethiopia it was worse and cause aspiration causing his pneumonia. The airway would open a little yesterday but push it back to where it should be. If it would have been regular formula then it would probably go down into his airway. So I am glad that is getting better. Also, the pediatrician said it should totally be fixed by about 9 months and he can start having regular formula. yay! so now let's get the reflux under control and maybe he wont scream and he will sleep better?

Even with all of the sleepless nights and crying Zek is awesome! He has brought so much joy to this family. His smile and awesome laugh just brighten our days :)

Thank you God for this awesome little guy!


  1. Isn't it amazing how it feels like we just got our little guys yesterday, yet at the same time it seems like they've been here forever?! I am 16 weeks pregnant. Congratulations on your pregnancy! We are in California. Where are you guys at?

  2. What a handsome boy!
    I have your family added to Ethiopian Adoption Blogs. I wish you all the best!