Tuesday, September 29, 2009

calzones, phone calls, minivans and getting older

Is it normal for me to not be able to concentrate at all? All I can think about right now is "The Call". I was making calzones for dinner tonight and I accidentally made pie crust instead of pizza dough! Good thing I realized it before I stuffed them and baked them! Then I made the calzones and forgot to put ham in the cheese mixture! I remembered after they were half cooked so I tried to open them, but I couldn't so I just stuck the ham on top of them! They turned out to be really good. My mind is mush!

I thought I was crazy before we were expecting our call any day! Now I really feel crazy! And people keep on calling and right before I answer the phone I think "I hope its All Gods Children". I get disappointed every time. We don't have caller id, so I wont know if its her until I pick up the phone. The call will be soon. I keep on reminding myself to enjoy this excitement.

God has the perfect day picked out just for our referral. I really wanted it to be on my birthday yesterday, but I was thinking today that the day needs to be it's own special day.

Adam and I went out tonight to look at minivans and found one that we may buy. It will be a fantastic deal with our trade in. We are borrowing it for a few days so we can have it checked out by a mechanic. The girls love it! Getting older yesterday and now buying a minivan really makes me feel old! With 3 kids a Mitsubishi Lancer really isn't gonna work! I tried to figure out how to squeeze 3 car seats in and it just doesn't really work!

Praying for the perfect peace while we are so anxiously waiting and for our minivan shopping...


  1. I can only imagine how you must be feeling right now. I hope the call comes really soon (which we know it will)!

  2. Crazy, crazy!!!! Praying it is soon and that he is perfect for you- which of course he will be because God has it all planned out! yeah. I totally know that doesn't help because hey you just want to see him, fall in love, and rush over and pick him up! Hey, maybe soon???

  3. Oh yes, that is totally normal!! I remember when we were waiting for the phone call, I put WHOLE PEPPERCORNS in dinner one night. You are not alone! Good luck with the mini van. I love love love our van. I can't imagine life without it.

  4. I have really had your family on my mind today..and so also in my moment by moment prayers...I have this anxious/happy feeling for you!! Praying you don't crazy before it really is your CM on the phone!! Enjoy the mini-van!! :D