Thursday, November 10, 2011

He will provide a way...

Okay, so many of you know that Maggie and I will be going on a vision/mission trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this March. We have some awesome T-shirts for sale that my awesome husband designed to help raise money for this trip.

To be honest we cannot afford to pay for this trip. But, God has laid this on my heart as something I NEED to do. Our family will be moving there in approx 18 months to start ministering there. This trip will provide will provide me with a time to see what God's vision is for our ministry there and give me a sneak peak as to how ministering and living there will be. It will provide Maggie the opportunity to experience Ethiopia before moving there (this will help with the transition for her and for her 3 younger siblings).

I know that God will provide for this trip and it's with your help that it will be made possible. With Christmas coming up you could buy a shirt or two for loved ones. The shirts will have a story behind them and the receiver will know that their gift not only gave them a shirt to wear, but helped a family with their ministry in Africa. If you mention this post with your order we will throw in 1 of each of our 2 stickers that we have per shirt order.

Please take a look at our store and if you feel a tug to help out then that is fantastic! If you don't then thank you so much for looking.

If at all possible can you post about our family and the mission trip store on your Facebook and your blog?

Most importantly please be praying for our family through this amazing but sometimes a bit scary journey.

Thanks so much!!

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