Sunday, July 17, 2011

We did not fall off the face of the Earth

Not sure who actually follows this blog anymore considering it hasn't been updated in over 2 months! But, thank you to anyone who is actually reading this.

The last few months have been full of fun stuff. We finished up school with Maggie near the end of June, Maggie had her 7th birthday, Emery had his first birthday, and we have been getting our house ready to put on the market. We have been getting rid of a ton of stuff. It feels really freeing clearing out all of our unnecessary "stuff". Our girls have been great about getting rid of toys. They know that it just gets them closer to moving to Ethiopia. They are so excited to move there. We have been setting things at the curb for free, giving things to thrift stores, and selling things online. and now our house is now officially for sale!

We have also been in a lot of prayer about our upcoming Assessement Center with CMF (Christian Missionary Fellowship). It will take place August 12th - August 15th. Here is a discription of the Assessment Center...

"The three-day Assessment Center (AC) event is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to the selection of qualified cross-cultural workers. Your skills, abilities, and traits will be evaluated and matched with the profile of successful cross-cultural workers. At the end of the AC, you will receive thorough feedback, including a list of strengths and a personal development plan to help with your mental, emotional, and spiritual growth."

We also stay for a day of support raising orientation.

CMF is located just north of us in Indianapolis. When we first were looking into sending agencies I was looking into CMF and loved what they were doing and had no clue that they were located in Indianapolis. Then I found out that they were! It will be great with them so close. Totally a God thing!

We have, with Gods help, found people to take care of the kids all day for those 4 days. It's not easy trying to find sitters for us and it was something I was afraid of, but it's all working out. I will be coming home each evening to be with the kiddos and go back every morning (Adam will be staying at a hotel near CMF). I still nurse Emery so he nurses before naps. These next few weeks we will be teaching him to fall asleep without nursing for naptimes, so that I can be at peace during the day that Emery is ok. This is huge for me, so if there is anyone out there who could pray about this for me and Emery that would be awesome! Also, praying for peace for all of the kids and ourselves during those 4 days.

We are so excited to get started with this journey and would love all the prayers we can get. If you can commit to praying for our family please leave a comment and let us know that you are praying. I will post prayer requests occassionally and post about what's going on with us and the things we are doing.

After the Assessment Center we will either be a recruit or a candidate. If we are a recruit we will be invited back for LAUNCH.
-"During this intense and full 3 days of training in Indianapolis, the staff will provide further orientation to CMF, equip you with skills for raising support, and help you develop your support-raising strategy. You will have individual meetings with Leadership Team members regarding your budget, support-raising plan, specific field ministry, communication tools, and additional services available to you. Soon after LAUNCH, you will receive your personal promotional materials (display, printed materials, etc.). Throughout your support raising, your coach will continue to assist you with your specific questions and challenges."

Our prayers are that we get recruit status. If we are candidates we will receive guidance in further preparation for field service, such as training, practical experience, and personal growth. We will need to complete these steps before becoming a Recruit and beginning your support-raising.

Prayer requests:
  • weaning Emery from nursing before naptime - easy transition for us both
  • for our whole family and the sitters during our Assessment Center in August
  • Our house - bring the perfect buyer for our house
  • also, I have an opportunity to go to Ethiopia in October for 2 weeks with CMF! It is a vision trip that they invited us to take part in. I am totally up for it, but want to take Maggie (our 7 year old) with me. She is excited to experience going before we move there. I have emailed them asking if its ok. If it is (which i am sure it will be) then we will be going! So prayer for raising funds to go and also weaning Emery beforehand. (we are so excited that we will get to go so soon!) - and preparing Adam to take care of the 3 littlest while Maggie and I are gone.
  • Prayers during the Assessment Center. that we can focus and be at peace. Our desire is to become recruits so we can get to Ethiopia sooner. We know it's all Gods plans, but we pray that this is what happens.
Thanks for all of the prayers! and thanks for following our blog. I promise we will update more often!


  1. will you be selling shirts again as part of your fundraising?

    We'll be praying for you in this new adventure!!

  2. we will be designing new shirts for my trip. we have a friend who we are letting use our love africa design to sell to raise funds for their adoption. - those will be for sale soon and the shirt for our ethiopia trip will be for sale soon as well. we just have to design them :)

  3. Christie,
    Your whole family will be in our prayers during this time of transition! We think of you all often. Tara and Dan