Sunday, May 1, 2011

A few pics from the last few days...and some questions answered

Emery fell asleep eating pasta :)

Homemade chalkboard that we made over the weekend.
The girls love it and Zek thought it was a slide :)

Zek playing in you see it all over his face?
yep he likes to eat sand. I gave up and he can eat it if he wants :)

He likes to eat everything. This is mulch. and no I didnt let him eat this :)

Emery likes to eat sand too! It must be a boy thing.

Aunt Abby (my much younger little sister) stayed the weekend with us.
The girls had a blast! (and it gave mommy a break!) :)

One of Hazels favorite things to do

Emery playing

more playing...

First, thanks to everyone who is praying for us as we begin this journey!

We have had a few questions or comments that people have asked or made about us moving to Ethiopia. So I will answer a couple...

When do you move?

After we do our 3 day assessement we will know a better time frame, but we are expecting 12 - 18 months from August.

You are brave...

We by no means feel brave. We feel that this is Gods calling for us and we are simply following Him and he is bringing us peace about it all along the way. There are days when I feel super excited and there are days when I wish God didn't lay it on our hearts. But we want to be fully devoted followers and we know this is the plan He has for us.

Does someone pay you to live there?

We will be fully supported by our church, other churches, family and friends. We will have to raise the support on our own (this is one reason why it will take 12-18 months before we move) We will raise the support from partners that can make it possible for us to work with and teach God's love to the people in Addis. We will know more details on all of this once August rolls around.

I want to challenge anyone who is reading this post who hasnt read the book Radical yet to read it. I just finished it last week and it is awesome!!! It took me over month to finish it because well it just takes me that long. I love reading but finding bits of time between taking care of the kiddos is impossible somedays :) I am currently reading When Helping Hurts. A missionary at CMF gave it to us when we went there a few months back. It is a really great book and very insightful. I have learned lots of stuff already! So I highly recommend it!


  1. WOW- totally missed your big news- sooo EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. WOW I am listening to the audio book "Radical" by David Platt right? It's difficult for me to really focus when I read and get far in a book quickly although this one is so great that I bet I would read it quickly. The audio book has been one of the best! It's encouraging and challenging. Following the Lord is the way to live! No other way has ever been so good! I have tried many others. The Lord is too good not to stay with him.